Thursday, November 20, 2008

My BIG Secret

I have been pretty quiet this cycle. I haven't talked about it much with anyone. We felt like this one could be the last one. Of course when Grumps said that the track began to play again, CHILDLESS! So I held everything pretty close.

The day of my transfer (November 3rd) I drove myself. I spent LOTS of time in prayer and singing praise. I needed to find peace with it all. Because my little ones were growing slow, only one was really good, we decided to transfer 4. My doctor only expected 2 at the most to make it.

Fast forward to today! Today I had my 2nd beta. Yep you heard it right! I AM PREGNANT!!! It truly is a miracle. My first beta numbers were 2,599. Today they doubled perfectly. I go on Monday for my 3rd beta.

Grumps and I are cautiously excited. Today's results made it easier to breathe. I am telling those who ask or who were a part of it all. My mom knows because I was with her over the weekend when I tested. Other than that, we are keeping quiet as best as we can. I want to shout but really want to hold it close.

Now you have something to pray about. LIFE!!!!