Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Kyle XY

It has been awhile. Once again I find myself exhausted when I get home. Teaching and waddling along takes lots of energy.

Back to my title... If you have watched Kyle XY you will know Kyle is missing something on his body. Any guesses? Yep, his belly button. Mine is GONE! I rubbed my belly today and it felt weird. I then realized I didn't have a belly button anymore. It made me laugh and then made me make everyone around me feel. I know soon it will pop out in a very scary way especially since I am on 23 weeks.

This past week would have been my angels birthday. Healing has taken place because I didn't remember the day. I actually had to go back through my blog to find it. I knew the week but not the day. Each day as I felt these little lives move I thought of my sweet angel baby. 'She' would have been 2. Still breaks my heart. BUT I am pretty sure if we had our little one we wouldn't be having these two miracles. It is just hard all around. The bottom line, I am blessed.

I have my first shower on Friday. I NEVER thought it would be my time. I actually feel guilty and scared about it all. I know MANY who deserve this more. Every day I wake up and have to remind myself I am pregnant. This is real. I still can't wrap my mind around it. Along with the fear of the shower, the nursery is up and under construction. Baby clothes are coming in. I got the bedding in yesterday. One day little ones will be living in there. I can barely go in the room. I am totally whacked!

Back to the belly... I can't wait for warmer weather so I can start wearing dresses. My clothes are starting to get small again. This belly is taking over. I don't remember life without it. I might waddle. My clothes might be limited. But I am in love with this belly and the life that lives inside.

Monday, March 02, 2009

We are having....

We found out. I never thought I would cave like that. I always wanted the surprise from the doctor holding up our little one say "You are having a ..." I couldn't resist. It would have been hard to not SEE one of our little ones anyway. It was right there in our face.

Not only do we know what we are having, I am feeling these little ones moving. Thump thump thump on my right side. Grumps got his turn too. I LOVE it! At one moment yesterday one of them moved and I could feel a nice hard lump. So precious to feel life!

I am feeling so much better these days. Week 20 is on Wednesday and I am growing like crazy. I can't hide I am pregnant anymore. My 2nd graders are still amazed by it all. Always wanting to put a hand on my belly and even wanting to see my belly button.

The cribs are on their way. The dresser is ordered. The bedding... I can't decide. I have plenty of time but I would LOVE to have this decision made. Everyone wants to know about names. We have none. They will come.

So are you ready to know what we are having?




Their little profiles show just how precious they are. I am in LOVE!