Tuesday, December 02, 2008


I have GOOD NEWS!!!!

We are having twins with perfect strong heartbeats!  God is beyond amazing today!  Grumps was and still is in complete awe.  

THANK YOU for the encouragement, thoughts and prayers.  Please don't stop!!!

Monday, December 01, 2008

On the Eve

No words but please God don't let it be like our last pregnancy ultra sound. I can't bare to have another moment of complete silence from the doctor looking for life. I can't have the swimming through water, not being able to breathe moment. I can't have the world standing still, Grumps trying to console and me falling apart. I NEED to see life!

I hate how my world is tainted. I hate how it has been touched with death and wait and uncertainty before. Why can't the world be roses?

I live for a pregnancy sign. I live for feeling sick. I smile when I feel puky. I cheer when I can't eat another bite. No complaining. I need those moments.

Tomorrow I HAVE to see life! God you have to hold me tight. It has to be okay.