Monday, July 06, 2009

Family of 4 + a dog

WOW time has past so quickly since I last blogged. SO much has happened.

*Quit my job at 28 weeks. My little man never moved off my cervix. Talk about PRESSURE!
*Ended up on hospital bedrest at 28 weeks. Yep the day after I quit my job. No nesting at home or getting a pedicure.
*5 1/2 weeks of bedrest... I know, I should have blogged but my brain was mush the whole time.
*33 1/2 weeks I woke up drunk off ambien at 1:20 in the morning with wet sheets. My water had broken. I was so drunk I almost didn't call Grumps BUT I at least changed my facebook status! at 3:54 and 3:55 am my little loves were born.
*Welcome to the world Grace and Stephen. Grace stayed in the NICU for 3 weeks. Stephen just arrived home after a month on Friday.

NOW we are a family of 4 with a dog who can't get enough licks.