Thursday, August 28, 2008

Blood Shooter

Nothing seems to ever be easy for me any more.

Yesterday was my trigger day. After having u/s and b/w every day for a week I finally got the call. Of course Grumps is out of town and couldn't help me. I had a list of people who offered to assist in giving me the shot but the one I had set up to shoot me up couldn't. You know how the call goes, you are going to trigger at 7pm. I get the call at 5pm. I really don't have time or the clarity of mind to call my backup. I decide to ask my friend from work who I do everything with. She starts freaking out.

As she is following me home from work (leaving work at 6:15, getting stuck in traffic) she is panicking even more about the shot idea. I am beginning to wonder if this will be a solo job. I had planned to do everything solo from the beginning, except Grump wasn't a fan. He had given me a shot once and caused the side of my leg and butt to go numb. He was afraid what I would to myself. Well we get home. I get the trigger ready. She is now deep breathing.

I lean up against the table, putting my weight on my left leg. My friend takes the HUGE needle in her hands and begins to REALLY freak out. I start laughing which isn't good when a 1 1/2 inch needle is about to go into your butt. SO I just did it myself. No pain, very easy EXCEPT... I pull the needle out and blood shoots EVERYWHERE. I have blood squirting out of me like a fountain. It is splattered all over the floor. I am laughing and trying to get something to stop it all. My poor friend, shocked. Did I hit a vein?

HA! I really wish I could have had a video. I have never scene anything like it before in my IF life. Now the plan, retrieval is early Friday morning. Transfer is of course still up in the air. Monday, would be day 3. The first day of school is on Tuesday. My doctor said I could go to work if I was feeling up to it. My boss said, NO. She wants me to stay on bedrest. What do I do?

Finally, my estrogen level is super high. I had to cut my trigger in half. I was told to drink lots of sport drinks and eat protein starting tomorrow. I am also to keep a check on my weight. OF COURSE I have this problem to worry about! Did this happen to anyone else? Any tips or thoughts?

Thursday, August 14, 2008

Ask Me

Let's wrap this summer up right. I need to get my mind off EVERYTHING and just have some fun. SO you have a job. Ask my ANY question you like. I am an open book. I don't get embarrassed and for sure not shy.

Let's laugh and have some fun!

Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Home and Fluffy

We have been back from our vacation for a few days now. We had a wonderful time. Grumps worked hard to plan a wonderful trip full of good food and great places to rest our heads. We reconnected in just being together. Life couldn't get in the way.

Now being back home the ivf and back to school countdown has begun. It looks like both will be right there with each other. I am praying my body doesn't take too long to respond. I can't miss the first day of school. I really can't miss any days of the first week. It all has to just run VERY smoothly. I am laughing though deep inside. When do things run smoothly for me? Of course my retrieval would be on the open house day. Of course my transfer could be the first day of school. That is how my world works.

My other 'issue'... raise your hand if treatments have caused you to gain weight. A lot? I am out of control large. It makes me sad. My boobs are HUGE! My body just feeds on these drugs. I am at the point I could rest my chin on my girls. I can't do a thing about any of it until I am done with these stupid drugs. Please tell me I am not the only one? PLEASE!!!!

The word has been spread to the mouths of my school. I might look pregnant but I am for sure not. They have my permission to tell everyone.

So I am serious about my question. Did you gain weight? How much in total? Did your body love the drugs? I don't want to hear about how thin you were through it all. I don't want to hear about how you exercised and ate healthy. Now it is time to chime in!!!