Thursday, August 28, 2008

Blood Shooter

Nothing seems to ever be easy for me any more.

Yesterday was my trigger day. After having u/s and b/w every day for a week I finally got the call. Of course Grumps is out of town and couldn't help me. I had a list of people who offered to assist in giving me the shot but the one I had set up to shoot me up couldn't. You know how the call goes, you are going to trigger at 7pm. I get the call at 5pm. I really don't have time or the clarity of mind to call my backup. I decide to ask my friend from work who I do everything with. She starts freaking out.

As she is following me home from work (leaving work at 6:15, getting stuck in traffic) she is panicking even more about the shot idea. I am beginning to wonder if this will be a solo job. I had planned to do everything solo from the beginning, except Grump wasn't a fan. He had given me a shot once and caused the side of my leg and butt to go numb. He was afraid what I would to myself. Well we get home. I get the trigger ready. She is now deep breathing.

I lean up against the table, putting my weight on my left leg. My friend takes the HUGE needle in her hands and begins to REALLY freak out. I start laughing which isn't good when a 1 1/2 inch needle is about to go into your butt. SO I just did it myself. No pain, very easy EXCEPT... I pull the needle out and blood shoots EVERYWHERE. I have blood squirting out of me like a fountain. It is splattered all over the floor. I am laughing and trying to get something to stop it all. My poor friend, shocked. Did I hit a vein?

HA! I really wish I could have had a video. I have never scene anything like it before in my IF life. Now the plan, retrieval is early Friday morning. Transfer is of course still up in the air. Monday, would be day 3. The first day of school is on Tuesday. My doctor said I could go to work if I was feeling up to it. My boss said, NO. She wants me to stay on bedrest. What do I do?

Finally, my estrogen level is super high. I had to cut my trigger in half. I was told to drink lots of sport drinks and eat protein starting tomorrow. I am also to keep a check on my weight. OF COURSE I have this problem to worry about! Did this happen to anyone else? Any tips or thoughts?


Meghan said...

Glad you at least laughed about it! If someone ever bails on you again, you can give me a call.

I was just going to check in on you today. Glad you're at trigger point. I personally would take off at least the first day...first day of school is SO hectic and crazy.

Good luck with everything

Amy said...

Good luck with ER...I had OHSS as well...lots of gatorade and protein. Eventually went away...Good Luck!

kell said...

finally checking in after some time away from blogging. you have been through so much! what a crazy time you had with the trigger shot. if i lived near you i would have totally helped out.

i hope it all goes well for you! you are always in my thoughts and prayers!

Anonymous said...

You have such a good sense of humor! TAKE THE DAY OFF! In the long run, you won't really miss being there. (just my thought on that!)

In Search of Morning Sickness said...

Im SO sorry about what happened with the trigger. If you bruise really had you probably nicked a vein, but if you hit one I think there'd be tons and tons and tons of blood.

My E2 I was told was high with IVF #1 (I later found out it was 4900+). I took my HCG trigger in half, but experienced no OHSS. Yes, I was bloated, and yes I had to get up 5-6 times a night to go to the bathroom, but that's about it. I hope it's as easy for you! Here's hopes and prayers for some wonderful embryos.

Lori said...

Wow is all I can say! I can give you a shot if you ever need it. I'm home most of the time. If I can watch my son get a shot in his tongue, followed by 8 stitches, then giving you a shot in the butt should be a piece of cake :) I could even call my sister over. . . she is a nurse!!
I vote skip work if your boss says you can! Unless you just want to go so you can have a distraction. It would keep you busy!

Jen said...

I can't help with the questions, but I am sending my best wishes and prayers for success!

Christy said...

When it rains it pours, I suppose! I'll be holding a good thought for you for your retrieval tomorrow morning. And again, don't worry about school! Do what is good for you! Your class will be fine. Really. I promise.

nikole said...

No advice, just lots of hugs and long distance support. xoxoxo

Curly said...

I can't believe the first time you got numb, and this time you blead like that. That sucks!

At least your friend didn't pass out! That would not be fun to take care of an unconcious person while squirting blood everywhere. What a mess.

I want to know how big the bruise is tomorrow.

Bless you, Sunny. You are in my prayers.

Corn Child said...

Oh, I'm excited for you.

I ended up with mild OHSS after my first and just drank TONS of water and bloated up like a fish. Fun!

I hit a vein once, too, in the middle of the MOVIE THEATER BATHROOM! We wanted to go to a movie but I had a shot to do, so I just brought it with me. I can't imagine what all the people in the stalls around me were thinking when all this blood started dripping on the floor! LOL!

I'm crossing everything I have for you.

Corn Child said...

Oh whoops - forgot to add:

My vote: BEDREST!

Angi said...

I had that fountain of blood a couple of times and my RE said we likely went through a vein. Kinda scary and funny all at the same time. My RE said that the needle kind of acts as a straw and that is why it shoots out like that. Hopefully you won't end up with OHSS, that is no fun for anyone!

Sherry said...

Sunny - mostly echoing what others have said but year sounds like you nicked a vein. Did you draw the plunger back right after you injected to see if there was blood - that's what usually is the warning sign you've hit a vein, and then you're supposed to pull it out, change needles and try another spot.

I had a cycle where I had to cut my HcG in half as well. I drank lots of gatorade, no OHSS thankfully. I was worried about my eggs not maturing without enough HcG in me, but that ended up being silly needless worrying for what its worth in case you had the same thoughts. Didn't have any effect...

Oh and PS - they have Sub-Q HcG triggers these days. Hopefully you won't have to do this again, but just a mental note to ask for it if needed!

Melissa said...

I always enjoy hearing your stories!

No advice, but I am wishing you the best!