Saturday, July 26, 2008


Grumps and I are heading out tomorrow morning for a much needed trip. He has been planning it for weeks. He told me quietly one night, "This trip is meant to help us forget about children." He truly is priceless.

We are driving up the east coast for the next week and 1/2. Our first stop is NY!!! Then off to Boston to get smart. Grumps is a history freak. Next will be Maine at a cozy inn (I think, he is keeping secrets). On our way home we will stop in Connecticut for dinner with friends. Finally we will end the drive at Atlantic City to meet up with friends for 2 days of fun. During all the driving I plan to read many books and take lots of naps.

When we come back, Lupron will start and we will get this show on the road.

I am bringing my laptop hoping for free internet at our hotels. If not, see you on the other side!

Wednesday, July 23, 2008

When Your Up, Your Up

But when you are down, you are really low...

Fine, I'm Okay... No really, I'm doing good...

I have am the master at being okay and fine. I put the smile on my face. I might even laugh or clap. Sometimes I make a joke or take a swig but I am the master. Lately I truly have been okay. Not great or fantastic but just okay. Numb to it all. Tired as usual. I never seem to be able to get a break. When I think I have it good, all is going well, I am kicked pretty low.

Today brought it all into perspective. Meaning, I just got kicked.

Some of our closest friends sent us a text last night. Baby boy was born. Last week from another set, baby girl was born. Through an email from my MIL, two of Grumps' cousins are having babies due in the fall. FALL IS REALLY SOON. I am happy for them but why are we just hearing about it now. In the mail, a birth announcement. THANK GOD for the friends who sent a card because of our sucky canceled transfer. It helped cancel the yuck out except they were the friends who just had the baby last week.

The hormones are trying really hard to leave my body but in the process they are leaving me feeling really crappy. I know, everyone is on hormones in the blog world but they really screw me up. I have gone up 2 sizes in the past 3 or so months. WHO DOES THAT? It is like my body feeds on estrogen. It can't get enough. If I had something to show for the gain I would be okay with it. Instead I just have me wearing a bigger size trying not to eat bad food when I am depressed.

My marriage is really struggling. Fights like we have never had. Looks, silence, nothing. I watched Grumps stand on the deck today just looking out thinking. I am sure he was thinking my sad thoughts. He even said he was trying to make our vacation as childless as possible. He doesn't want me to think about children. I hugged him in my little mind for that. Of course the armor came on and I said, "I am fine."

Yep I am on a sick roller coaster. UP then DOWN. It just repeats itself. My poor blog gets hit with it all. To be normal would be wonderful.

Yesterday I got calls saying I had maxed out on my insurance for covering F drugs. THANK YOU fairy god mother for helping me out. Grumps almost lost it. I just don't think we can take much more. It will only be a couple of weeks and thoughts of our little angel will really set in. We will have lost her 2 years ago. 2 YEARS AGO!!!!!!

I am sure if you ask me how I am doing tomorrow I will say, "Fine." "Great." or even "Okay." But today, tonight I am really low.

Cheers from my very yummy bottle of wine to all who know what low feels like.

Wednesday, July 16, 2008


I got the call last night that 3 out of the 6 embryos didn't make the thaw. My heart was sad, but we began to pray for the other 3.

This morning I get the call from my doctor that the other 3 never divided. The transfer is canceled.

I am sad but was prepared. My doctor will be calling me this afternoon with our next plan of action. He said he doesn't believe it was because of quality that they didn't make it. He says he sees me pregnant. I respond well to drugs. We will just have to tweak some things.

The positive:

The bottle of wine I opened last night will be finished by me.
I can continue to enjoy my summer with the way I love it, drinking.
The shots STOP!
We will not have to do shots on our vacation.
I can relax and have fun without worrying about anything.

The negative:

Grumps heart is broken. He just doesn't understand.
My mom feels bad that a call was even made to me about going home.
I will be waiting as usual.
My next retrieval will be the first week of school.
I lost 6 little lives today.
We have to do it all again.

I believe we should just make my middle name WAIT! Seriously! Thanks for all the support through this. Get your cheers ready for the next cycle!

Monday, July 14, 2008

Foul Mood

Yep that is me. I have a stinky mood going on. If you know me in real life you know I don't usually go to this place. I am always up with only a couple of down moments. Well I went to bed in a funk and I woke up in one. I am hoping blogging gets rid of it. I hate being here.

I had planned to blog about tips for your husband giving you shots in the butt and how my common thread bracelet broke. I am sure I will get to it. Instead I am just going to vent and get it all out there.

I have always given myself my shots. I like being in control. I wasn't exactly happy knowing Grumps had to be the one shooting me up. He doesn't do stuff like that very well. BUT I went in with confidence in him. I get the it all ready for him. Talk him through it. Remind him...

Well we have had some good shots but we have had some bad ones. Last night was the worse. It felt like he was moving the shot around. When I said something he got upset with me. Then I BLED! It turned into a quiet shouting match. His feelings were hurt. My butt killed. He said I make it hard. I shouldn't say that it hurts. I should just let him do it. He has no idea how it feels.

I suggested giving him a shot in the butt of just saline for him to see how it feels. He flipped. Why do I need to hurt him? I just wanted him to understand how it felt. He would have no part in it. The night ended with me going to the basement to play on the computer leaving him for bed. He did come downstairs to let me know he was just reading. I shrugged him off. This morning was just as cold.

I know this is a stupid vent. I shouldn't let this bother me. We will be transferring probably on Wednesday. I should be getting in a 'zen' state. Instead I am just yuck about it all. It is so small but it really is so big. It defines our marriage. How we deal! I wanted him to hold me and tell me he was sorry for hurting me. But I know he wanted me to say how sorry I was for making him feel bad. I just couldn't. I really can't.

I know he feels like a bystander just watching. He wants this over just as much as I do. I really just need a cheerleader. I am sure after having some girl time (sangria, pool, and wine) today I will be over this. I am going to put this mood under the hormone category. I am pulling the card and using the excuse. The del estrogen KILLS my back and making my boobs SUPER bigger than they already are! The progesterone oil only made my back hurt more.

I am done with complaining. Maybe after tonights shot I will have some helps for your spouse giving you shots so you won't have to have a moment like ours.

*I could use a little head patting, cheer talking, hugs ANYTHING to make me feel better. HELP ME get over this. Please tell me your husbands sucked at shots. I DON'T want to know how amazing they were. I don't want to be jealous of your marriage. I want to love mine more by the end of the day. I am SO not needy right now. HA!

Thursday, July 03, 2008

Facebook and Infertility

Its summer and I just sit around and play. Part of the playing is goofing off online. I have 'hunted' down long lost friends on Facebook. It has been fun to see how everyone has changed and grown up.

BUT... it is also hard. Almost everyone I have found has 3 to 4 kids. Many of them married after I did. Most of the women are stay at home mom's, my dream! I am happy for them all. I comment on their sweet families. THEN I have to write about mine.

Here's my spill...

I've been married now for 10 years. I live outside DC. I teach 2nd grade. I have a really cute dog. We live a simple but very busy life.

What's missing there? Yep the kids. I wonder what they think when I don't list my kids' names and ages like they did. If they look hard they can see I am part of an infertility group. If they ask I will let them know. In fact I talked about our infertility to one of my 'friends' after she told me some tough stuff from her life. When she replied to my message she skipped the IF part. I had been thinking what would her response be. I guess nothing would be the answer. I also shared with another 'friend' about our miscarriage and struggle to have a family. She had shared right before my reply with her own miscarriage along with the names of her other children. Silence again.

I really don't expect a reply or even questions about my missing family. But it does cut like a knife a little bit to hear and see their families.

Has anyone else experienced this? I know I am not the only one.

Wednesday, July 02, 2008

New White Panties

I was hoping to bring this cycle on this morning by wearing a brand new pair of white panties. Guess what?


I really wasn't thinking about those white panties bringing on my cycle; but, I had to laugh when I did go to the bathroom, looked down and BAM ruined new panties.

Tomorrow will be my baseline ultra sound and first dose of del estrogen. We will be praying for my lining to get nice and thick ready for my babypops.

We have waited such a long time to finally get this show on the road. I am nervous. I want it over. I want an end. Yet I never thought deciding to freeze so quickly to rush and take care of my mom, would create lots of thinking and praying. Thawing babypops, the number and all that jazz sure makes my heart heavy.

Anyway HERE WE GO!!!! Fingers crossed!