Tuesday, January 27, 2009

The Real Truth

I know, it has been a long time again between posts. No excuse except nothing worth blogging about. Life is normal as normal gets.

Now onto my title. The Real Truth... You know before you get pregnant you listen to your friends talk about being tired, feeling yucky, having things stretch... You read books and they say the same things. Well lets be truthful.

*Tired is an understatement. You are a walking zombie. I never knew what tired meant. Yes I am not as tired but it still hits. When it hits there is nothing you can do but rest.

*The yucks SUCK! Nothing sounds good. Food is gross. It even seems like it will not stay down. Smells are gross. Nothing helps really. Also the yucks don't go away. They come and go. One day I eat and feel happy with food. The next day I can't make myself eat. Now headaches trigger the yucks.

*What do you think when you hear the word stretching? Yep I hear relief, comfort, stretch. When you are pregnant the word stretch really means hurt. It is crazy. Babies are growing and filling up a very small space. As they do it hurts. It hurts low. It hurts high. Even my girl hurts. Getting out of bed hurts. Rolling over hurts. It isn't bad but seriously, lets not use the word stretch but pain. Even today, I simply sneezed and yep I am not hurting all day.

I love being pregnant. I really do. I love watching my belly finally pop. I love lying on my belly and seeing where they have moved to once place. BUT lets be truthful. When I asked my mom about my girl hurting she told me "Yep, that is part of it but it is just something you shouldn't talk aobut." I disagree. You need to know there are muscles on your girl that stretch and truly hurt.

***We find out the genders in a month. OH MY it is becoming real.

Wednesday, January 07, 2009

Don't Hate Me!

Every day I think about posting an update. There have even been times I actually open blogger. Here is the reason why... TIRED! I get up TIRED! I go to work TIRED! I come home EXHAUSTED! I quickly check email and facebook and then close up for the evening.

I don't think I have ever felt like this before in my life. You think when you go to bed you are in heaven. Bed is the best place ever. Of course I wake up a million times in the night but still get many hours of sleep. When I wake up I hope to feel that rested feeling. Nope, it is the feeling of never sleeping. So my lack of posting has nothing to do with anything but being so tired.

Today I am at 12 weeks. PRAISE GOD! I live for Wednesdays! My belly has popped just a little bit. I thought I would be much bigger but because food wasn't my friend I lost weight. The babies are beyond perfect. I have seen their little selves many times. I have more pictures than I know what to do with. I am not complaining. I love every one of them.

I daily pray for my little ones to LIVE LIVE LIVE! Over the weekend I had some bleeding and eventually passed a clot. I could not let my thoughts go to any place but LIFE! After 3 u/s they little ones are still perfect.

Thanks for the emails and sweet thoughts. Your prayers are also greatly appreciated. We live every day with awe and amazement. We are beyond blessed!