Tuesday, January 27, 2009

The Real Truth

I know, it has been a long time again between posts. No excuse except nothing worth blogging about. Life is normal as normal gets.

Now onto my title. The Real Truth... You know before you get pregnant you listen to your friends talk about being tired, feeling yucky, having things stretch... You read books and they say the same things. Well lets be truthful.

*Tired is an understatement. You are a walking zombie. I never knew what tired meant. Yes I am not as tired but it still hits. When it hits there is nothing you can do but rest.

*The yucks SUCK! Nothing sounds good. Food is gross. It even seems like it will not stay down. Smells are gross. Nothing helps really. Also the yucks don't go away. They come and go. One day I eat and feel happy with food. The next day I can't make myself eat. Now headaches trigger the yucks.

*What do you think when you hear the word stretching? Yep I hear relief, comfort, stretch. When you are pregnant the word stretch really means hurt. It is crazy. Babies are growing and filling up a very small space. As they do it hurts. It hurts low. It hurts high. Even my girl hurts. Getting out of bed hurts. Rolling over hurts. It isn't bad but seriously, lets not use the word stretch but pain. Even today, I simply sneezed and yep I am not hurting all day.

I love being pregnant. I really do. I love watching my belly finally pop. I love lying on my belly and seeing where they have moved to once place. BUT lets be truthful. When I asked my mom about my girl hurting she told me "Yep, that is part of it but it is just something you shouldn't talk aobut." I disagree. You need to know there are muscles on your girl that stretch and truly hurt.

***We find out the genders in a month. OH MY it is becoming real.


Jen said...

Yeah, that sounds about right to me for truthfulness! I always called it the soul sucking tiredness. I hope you feel better soon.

Cynthia said...

I'm so happy for you Sunny! I can't wait for you to find out :-) Keep growing little ones!!!

dmarie said...


Nikole said...

Oh, yes. Pregnancy can be SO hard on your body. Hang in there.

SO exciting about the sexes!! Yay!!


Joannah said...

So, the truth hurts, huh? Little play on words there. ;-)

Enjoy and know that you are the envy of many of us.


Lollipop Goldstein said...

Please do tell the truth. You know, what is gained by having another person NOT know about it?

jill said...

My husband is still traumatized about your girl hurting. He asked me last night if that happened to me - I think he was shocked to find something I HADN'T whined about ;)

Bev said...

It must be very exciting to see your belly growing, I'm so happy for you!! Strectching, being uncomfortable and tender is normal, I'm so glad that you get to experience it ALL!!!

The Fawleys said...

Oh you summed it up in a nutshell. Being preggo is AWESOME, but there are downsides to it. It is all part of it. In the end, it is ALL worth it when those little ones get here!!! Love you!!

tracey said...

i don't remember my girl hurting - doesn't mean it didn't, i just don't remember. maybe i blocked it. >: )

missm said...

Of course you can talk about it! And you should! :) Mothers!! You will, no doubt, be one of those mothers whose kids will tell you to shut up, b/c you're embarrassing them!! Ha!!

I'm planning on taking a little mother/daughter class with Emma re puberty issues etc ... she asked what it was going to be about, and without missing a beat, I said, "sex." And then Dale said, "hairy armpits, and tampons!" Sex, hairy armpits, and tampons. She told us we were totally gross and disgusting. Ha! Which just egged us on even more.

Sunny .. I can tell you the truth .. that it gets a lot worse before it gets better. The more you can embrace all the discomforts the easier they will pass (I actually believe this about all things .. not easy though).

I know this is long, but one more thing .. please, please, please post some belly shots??????

Curly said...

Hang in there and keep telling the truth. Misery is part of the beauty of pregnancy. I don't think it would be nearly as exciting without the discomforts. In the end it is worth every bit of it.

Yep, the girl hurts. For me, it was more like lots of pressure or an ache rather than stabbing pain.

There is no tired like pregnant-tired. Postpartum-tired is really tough, but it is quite different.

Do you need meds for nausea? I did. The good news about nausea is that is that it does get better and it will end, eventually. :)

Love you! :)

Bean said...

HI there! Just saw your comment. Can't wait to hear about your furniture shopping. I'm sort of jealous -- so fun to HAVE to shop!
You'll need to post photos. I can't until you get the decor stage -- that's the part I really love! Also, can't wait to find out what you're having!!!

seussgirl said...

hah - I definitely understand how you can love it, but need to be realistic about how it isn't all sunshine and roses! i'm excited for you to find out if they're boys or girls!