Thursday, June 26, 2008

Shout to the Lord

As a family we have been standing strong believing God will give us a miracle for my mom. No doubt, just trust.

Last week my mom had her scans after 4 rounds of chemo.

The results....

Her bloodwork was amazing, as if she was completely healthy.

The best news...

ALL of her tumors have shrunk by half! BY HALF!

When my mom called to tell me I teared up and became speechless. The doctors were shocked and couldn't explain it. Yes, the chemo did a work in her body but not that much work. God did the big work.

The next plan of action...

She will start a new round of chemo, less harsh on her body, every 3 weeks. AND we will keep holding strong to God and His promises.

Of course my mom is over the moon and can't stop shouting to the Lord. Picture this... my mom walking a far walk to the park near by at 6 in the morning to swing. Remember, when I first got to my mom 3 months ago, she could barely walk.

Thank you for all your encouragement and prayers. DON'T STOP! It's not over yet!

Tuesday, June 10, 2008


Nothing profound tonight. Just where I am, my thoughts rolling through my head.

Only because of God can I find peace in the midst of so much.

*The end of a year. Telling little ones goodbye after giving them all I know. It is always hard even when I begged for the year to be over when it had just begun.

*Celebrating new life in the midst of life hanging on by God's sovereignty. Holding a new born is such amazing joy. So is watching life come to a place of real life, what is important.

*Still in the midst of infertility after so long and having peace. I would rather be holding new life in my arms tonight. I would rather hear a little one call out my name in the late hours. I would give so much to see what my love and I create. BUT when life is barely holding on you realize what you have is great and full. Having a child isn't everything. It would be amazing but it doesn't complete or fill the void.

*Wanting to help others but not knowing how. I say the wrong words. I am sure I do the wrong things. Sometimes I would love to just shake them hoping to knock sense into them. BUT realizing you have been there at one time. Lost, helpless, desperate. I am not sure I can give anymore.

*Loving your husband so much but pushing him away all at the same time. How can he make it all right?

*Smiling when you want to cry.

*Pretending the world is as perfect as it will ever get.

Please no comments about how sorry you are, thinking of you, OR you amaze me. I would love to hear your ramblings though. Is your head full of them like mine?

I NEVER do this. I blog and don't even look at the numbers or dates. No blog birthdays or anything but when I logged on I saw my last post was 399. How fitting for my rambles to get a big number like 400.