Wednesday, June 14, 2006

A Good Place

I am so in a good place. (D I took that from you! I am glad you are in a good place too!)

Last month I wasn't in a very good place. I felt so like I was falling apart. I felt like I was holding onto life by my finger nails. Since progesterone and time I feel like the old me is back.

Being in a good place is nice. My thoughts aren't consumed with maybes and wonders and woes. I can be around others with bellies and babies and not feel so... I am enjoying where I am. Of course I would love there to be more but right now I am good.

My summer vacation begins next week. It is packed full of trips and visits. It overwhelms but yet makes me excited. I won't have time to sit and wonder and freak myself out. Staying busy is the key.

Now if only my body would get the picture and realize that I am in a good place.