Monday, February 16, 2009

Grab My Belly and Waddle

Here's a little fast catch up!

I have started to feel the babies move. Not as often as I would like but there are little rolls and pops and moves. This weekend I swear I felt a flick like a kick. I am ready to feel them more. It puts my mind at ease. I have been feeling overwhelmed. I have to work hard to keep my thoughts positive.

On the weekends I don't leave my bed much. The week at work is a killer. This is where the belly and waddle comes into play. I have found on the weekend I feel great. Rested, comfortable. Sleep is even good, especially since I crash so early. During the week it is the opposite. With all the walking I do things hurt, and cause major pressure. I find myself waddling. Everyone laughs and reminds me how early it is. There is nothing I can do about it. I am a teacher. I walk. In my classroom I sit but to get the kids from one place to the next I have to walk. I noticed it last night. I haven't had pressure since I have stayed in bed all weekend. Grumps went out last night so I found myself going up and down the stairs a lot. By the end of the evening the pressure was back. Too many stairs.

I started my twin registry. OVERWHELMING!!! I still haven't decided on cribs. The secret reason, afraid I will get back news at my next appointment (today) or at our big u/s (next week). My first shower is the last Friday of March. OH MY!

I am tired of the 8 baby jokes I hear at work EVERY DAY~

I started purging my house but am not even close.

My belly is getting big (18 weeks on Wed.). It isn't huge but it is there.

I guess I could go on and on but will stop. I actually have some posts working in my head that I plan to type up. I will hold them throughout the week so you aren't bombarded with 4 in one day.


Curly said...

That pressure is the worst! I can't imagine how it must feel with two in there. I would love to see you waddle.

Jen said...

Sleeping afterwards feels so great, when you can sleep in any position you want. I find myself poking Matt at night and saying "look, I'm sleeping on my back again!"

Twice Blessed said...

I didn't feel T & R until 21 weeks. I can help with your registry my friend! It feels like you need 2 of everything..and sorry to say but it's mostly true. Make sure I get an invite to at least one of your showers...ask me anything and I'll give you the scoop!