Sunday, February 22, 2009

Sharing with Kids

Everyone and their brother knows we are pregnant. It has been fun sharing. But I had been keeping it a secret from my class of second graders. I wanted to wait to tell them after my big u/s. As the days went by I realized it was getting harder to do.

Students: Are you having a baby?
Me: Why?
Students: I don't know. Are you?
Me: I don't know. Am I?

Look of fright not knowing how to answer that.

Students: I don't know... silence.

Grumps said I was being mean keeping it a secret when they know something is going on. So I shared with them last week. They were and still are so cute about it.

Me: Have you guys noticed anything different about me lately?
Students: Ummm you are calmer.
(That would be me being tired. HA!~)
Students: You are more strict.
(hormones and me being tired.)
Me: How about how I look? Do I look fatter?
Students: YES and you are eating SO MUCH!

Now it gets to the part where hands go up everywhere. Some have huge grins on their faces. They have figured out the secret and just needed me to confirm it.


Cheers go up all around the room.

Me: Yes and with twins.

They couldn't contain themselves. They had to touch my belly and ask questions. We talked about everything that was appropriate and even some things that weren't. Dead babies even came up. My little ones will know way more about being pregnant than most. One girl tried to explain how the babies lived in a bubble. The next day I showed them a picture of both the babies together. The first words were, IT IS A BUBBLE!

They check on my eating, making sure I am being healthy. I hold their little hands so still on my belly. They are in shock at how hard it is. They also look every day to see if it is growing. It really is so sweet.

Now I can't wait to share with them what we are having. They are already starting a list of possible names. HA!


LJ said...

OMG! That's adorable, enjoy every moment.

Beth said...

So cute, Sunny! :) Love kids!

Trish said...

LOVE it!

Rose said...

So cute! What a good teacher you are to let them feel your belly!

Curly said...

How sweet!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Your babies have lots of big brothers and sisters.

I Believe in Miracles said...

That's so cute! Kids crack me up.

Twice Blessed said...

That's the sweetest story Sunny. Very exciting that you have them to share this with. Missed you yesterday..big hug!

Anonymous said...

So sweet, so special!! A huge blessing from God. What a wonderful experience for you and your second graders.

melissa said...

This is so cute, what a fun experience for them and for you. I am sure it is nice to have all the excitement!

Anonymous said...

Very sweet. So what are you having?

docgrumbles said...

too cute!

PCOSMama said...

That is so awesome!

Jendeis said...

What a wonderful occasion. I'm so happy for you.