Tuesday, May 02, 2006

What About Brian

Any of you watching What About Brian?

There is a character on the show on the show who is going through infertility. She just started hormone treatments to stimulate her ovaries.

The doctor told her of all the side effects. The way he listed them was pretty funny. "Of course there are major side effects. Hot flashes, mood swings...." He rolls his eyes and gives this awful look.

The woman has to give herself shots and is keeping all of this from her husband. Yes, a bad thing because it will eventually come out that she is a freak.

After a couple of injections, she goes to get into her car and it won't stop telling her that one of the doors is a jar. She freaks. She slams all the doors. She screams. She has a fit.

OH I CAN FEEL HER PAIN!!! We are all freaks! TOTALLY WACK JOBS!!!!

If you need a great laugh. If you need to feel connected. WATCH What about Brian!