Thursday, July 27, 2006

The Mystery of the Numbers

This week has been a total roller coaster ride. I went from being high to low to high again. It just makes me love this baby even more.

Today I felt the world praying for us. The nurses and doctors were even praying as the doctor did the sonogram. We were all praying to see this little baby's heartbeat screaming to us, I AM ALIVE!!!

When we saw the baby on the screen it was like time stood still. We all watched in silence waiting and hoping to see life. Then all of a sudden a little flicker was seen. Tears began to stream down my face. My baby was alive! The baby that I have longed for since I was 5 was truly living inside me. All the worries of numbers and any other thought were diminished. We were staring at a miracle!

The doctor said that it was the most beautiful baby she has ever seen. I have to agree with her! It was the smallest baby with a heart beat that she had ever seen. She agreed that we truly were watching a miracle.

On the way into the room I ran into Sweet Doctor. He asked me how I was doing. I told him that I wasn't doing very well. He gave me a look and put his arm around me as I began to cry and tell him our fears. After the doctor was done she ran off to show everyone the little miracle of life that was inside of me. Sweet Doctor came right in and gave me the biggest hug. He said that today was the worst and best day in a long time! He couldn't stop talking about God's amazing miracle.

The Numbers...

I asked the doctor about those crazy numbers. She said that I could have had twins and lost one. That would have cost my numbers to go crazy. She also said that it could have been an error. Finally she said that she really had no clue what caused my numbers not to double. The numbers don't matter anymore. We saw a heartbeat. That brings any risk down to only 5%! She wants to really watch me and this little one closely. I will be having many more sonograms! Darn, I will have to see my beautiful baby again and again! August 9th at 2:30 is the next time! Grumps will get to go this time. By the way, when I sent him the page letting him know that we still have a baby and I saw the heart beat, he almost cried. He is SO PROUD!

Thank you all who prayed for us! Thank you for waking up in the night and early morning saying prayers. Thank you for the many emails and well wishes! Thank you S for taking phone calls and keeping everyone up to speed. Thank you D for being right there by my side. I know that it was just as hard for you as it was for me. Thank you K for celebrating this afternoon. But most of all THANK YOU GOD FOR KEEPING OUR BABY!!!!


NikkiNix said...

I'm all teary, I can feel you joy - wow!! Congrats to the three of you and my prayers are with you rlittle one and you.

Sunny said...

Thank you Nikki!

snapshots said...

It's a miracle!!! All these miracles these past two weeks are just amazing. God is amazing.

Sunny said...

HE IS!!!

Jennie said...

wooooooooohooooooooo!!!! I've been holding my breath waiting to see the results and selfishly not wanting to see them in case it wasnt good news, but I am sooo happy for you sweetling!!! greatest news there is

Sunny said...

Jennie I see that I made it to the double pink lines on your blog. :) It has been my dream! Thank you for cheering me and this little one on!

Jay said...

Such a wonderful miracle Sunny. I'm so thankful that you were able to see your babes amazing heartbeat.
Numbers certainly can play tricks on you. A similar thing happened to me as well and I have my miracle as proof that the #'s don't always mean something.
I'm keeping you and your babe in my thoughts and prayers.

Miracles & Dreams said...


I just came across your blog, I was doing a search.

Congrats on your baby, I know exactly what you mean about seeing that heart beat.

I to had and have infertility issues took me 5yrs to finally have my miracle boy he is now 10.5months and we are TTC #2.

Best of luck to you.

miss m said...

Sunny!!!! I leave the blog world for 2 weeks and YOU'RE PREGNANT!!!!!!! I'm so excited for you!

I remember reading your post about your temp. being up, but like you I didn't really think anything of it, esp. when you didn't post anything else for awhile after that!!

This is just SO AWESOME!!!

I hope you have a awesome pregnancy, and that babe constantly reminds you that he/she is there, alive in your body with a bit of morning sickness (I know it sucks, but it's a sure sign you're preggo), and lots and lots of kicks as it grows older.

love to you, girl ...