Sunday, January 21, 2007

About the Envelope

Okay first I haven't opened it! It is still there.

Second I totally want to read about my body and all that stuff. I love science, medical stuff (like the word stuff!) and know everything I can about myself. The problem is I don't want to read about my miscarriage. I don't want to know anything else about it. I seriously doubt that they have anything about the sex or that kind of stuff BUT what if they do?

THAT is my problem with the files in the envelope.

I seriously need to find a better word than stuff. I can't believe I sued it 4 times in a very small paragraph!!! I promise I am a better writer than that!

*anonymous ummm I am not sure I get your advice. If it were that simple I would have had MANY children by now . Trust me, I have tried it all! Those of you on this road totally know what I am talking about. But thanks for trying to help!


Chrystie said...

Yes, but, Sunny, have you REALLY tried it all? Like, have you taken a hot bath in the last three years? DO IT NOW! I bet you'll be knocked up by month's end! And if you add some smelly bath salts, it's gonna be twins FO SHO!

snapshots said...

Chrystie...I TOTALLY agree with you. I mean, a hot bath...duh!! Twins for sure! I agree!!!

Sunny said...

Oh I just took a bath with candles, wine, bye bye blues tub treat, a book and good easy listening music. I am SO going to be pregnant this month with triplets!

snapshots said...

Man, with all of those supports, you should be popping out more than triplets...lets for the candles, one fore the wine, one for the tub treat, one for the book and one for the music. FIVE! I will move nearer and help you take care of them all.

Curly Mommy said...

Oh my goodness. You guys are really funny. LOL
Uh oh, I just took a bath. I took one yesterday. Oops.

Julie said...

You better enjoy those baths now, cuz once it happens, no baths for 9 months. Well, at least no hot baths and who wants to take a luke warm bath. :-)

I say, don't open the envelope. Although I probably would. I'm a science freak too. As hard as this infertility stuff is, I like the science of it all. I wish I could get the photos of my lap surgery and my insides. But for you... just wait, let the RE tell you what he reads in the envelope.

Mel said...

I say get rid of the envelope ASAP. The longer it's int he house the longer you're going to be obsessed with it. You are a strong person for not looking, and I totally understand your reasons.