Saturday, May 26, 2007

Hold My Hope

I have been wanting to post about this for a long time but had to wait until someone got theirs.

Nicole Sarvay
from Baby Lust creates the most amazing jewelry. One day I found the most perfect necklace for the place in my life. I was low. I was down. I didn't have any hope. But my friends were carrying mine for me. I am sure you remember. I just had to have this necklace.

I emailed Nicole and asked her about them. She had sold out and would start making me 3 as soon as she got the pendants.

I has a desire to marry one day. To have all of her dreams come true. The road hasn't been easy for her. I want her to have all that she has ever wanted. I hold her hope and she holds mine. She was here when we lost our angel to heaven. She has sent notes, emails and packages to lift my spirits. She prays for me with the same deep longing for my dreams to come true as well.

D desires for a child. Her and her husband have lost 3 angels to heaven in the past year and a half. I hold her hope that one day she will have an earthly angel in her arms. She holds my hope. We meet every Thursday for happy hour. We send crazy emails all day and chat when there is nothing else to do. She went with me to many doctor appointments knowing that the outcome might be bad. She has sat with me as I cried for my little one. I have done the same for her.

When I wear my hope necklace I think of these 2 amazing women. I think of my hope for them and their hope for me. The other day D emailed to tell me that she was wearing my hope, holding out for last month's BFP. It made me smile.

I love you ladies!

*Take some time to check out Nicole's jewelry. It truly is amazing!!!


Chris said...

Absolutely beautiful jewelry! I love the sentiment (as you can tell from my blog name) and it is such a powerful reminder. I will definitely check out her jewelry.

I will carry hope for all of us to get our heart's desire. And right now, too! Because, while I may have hope, I certainly don't have patience.

I'm glad you are back and hope you are doing well.

niobe said...

I think that even just knowing that other people are hoping for good things to come into your life, in and of itself brings some measure of hope. What a lovely idea.

TeamWinks said...

It sounds like you are in amazing company. The necklaces are wonderful, and it's a great idea!

D said...

i've held your hope literally around my neck 3 times this week :-) and will continue to do so...
beautiful post - thank you for holding mine and giving me a reminder to wear as well.

snapshots said...

I have been wearing your hope all weekend (planning my wardrobe around the necklace-ha). D, is's such a great reminder to wear. I have a tendency to play with the jewlery I am wearing around my neck and now, every time my hand goes to my neck, I grab onto the pendant and send up a prayer for all of us. Love you!!

Reproductive Jeans said...

Such a lovely idea--and beautiful pieces! HOPE is such a strong force!

missm said...

love this

Big Pissy said...

How sweet! :)