Monday, June 25, 2007

Let's Celebrate

Today is Cake Day in honor of Mel the Town Crier. Her blog has turned a year old.

If you have never been to Mel's blog OH WHERE HAVE YOU BEEN!!! She is totally amazing. Her ideas have changed the infertility blog world forever. I am so thankful for all she does to help make this stupid journey as fun as it can be! CHEERS to Mel!!!

I didn't make the traditional cake with yummy frosting. Instead I made my usual. It is the cake that has stuck by my side in the good and really bad times. You know my life SUCKS when I make this cake. BUT today it doesn't suck. I just had to honor my trusty cake friend as well.


I have already had a bowl and plan to share some with my Hannah's Hope group tonight.


Chris said...

Dump cake is awesome! It was always a favorite on treat day at the last school where I taught. I might have to make some just to remind myself of my friends so far away.

The Town Criers said...

How have I gotten this far in life (and this far in the cake world) without knowing what is dump cake? And how does one make one?

Thank you for the blogoversary wishes. I'm blushing right now.

Zee said...

Looks absolutely yummy, but I'm a little scared by the name. Maybe a recipe would take away that fear? (I'm just sayin' is all...)

choose me. . . . love me said...

Making any for Tuesday night??! I've never made it but it is delicious! I could use some right about now after a long day.

BestLight said...

Depending on what you dump, that may become my new favorite cake.

What DO you dump?

Inconceivable said...

Oh what a delightful dump dish!! thank you for sharing