Monday, June 25, 2007

My Summer Goals

Now that I am back from Tampa helping my mom with my 9 month old nephew (another post for another day) my summer vacation can officially begin. I have spent most of my day in bed reading 100's of blogs, trying to get my commentathon pledge in, and watching my Netflix movies and TiVo.

Each summer I make a mental list of what I want to accomplish. Last summer everything changed when I found out I was pregnant. My list went to pot. Then of course the miscarriage at the very end of the summer. I felt very jilted. I wanted my summer back. SOOOO this summer I am going to do just that. I want to enjoy every stinking minute to help make up for last year. Of course Grumps has plans of his own. I will try to work them in but he knows summer is MY TIME!

Here is my very small list so far. I am sure I will add more. I will work hard to accomplish this list as well.

* Learn to drink beer! Yep, you heard it right. I want to learn to drink beer. There is a beer festival coming to town right down the road from me. I want to attend and so does Grumps. It won't be fun if I don't drink the beer. I think this is doable. I taught myself how to drink wine, with the help of many friends, why not beer. So if you have any suggestions on beer I will like or any tricks to get it down, please let me know! This will not be a dry summer! I will have a dry fall when I start my next IUI.

* Clean out the closets. YEP not a fun one on the list. This was on the list last summer. It never happened. Our guest closets and linen closet are full of crap. I am embarrassed when we have guests come and there is no room for their things. I hope to accomplish this soon so it doesn't hang over my head all summer.

* Get a kicking tan at K's pool! No explanation needed there!

* Go on short little trips with friends. I say this every summer and it doesn't happen BUT why not put it on the list again and hope for the best. Wait, I can't say it never happens. The trips with D just don't happen. HA! *edited to say I meant our little summer trips we say we will take like to the beach or a winery. *

* Meet up with the VA/DC/MD bloggers. I have missed both times. NOT NEXT TIME! At least I hope not next time.

* Read a couple of books. I have a HUGE pile of books beside my bed. Many are borrowed. I love to read but TiVo and my laptop usually take presidence. When I find out how to read and play on the internet at the same time I will let you all know.

* Start back on my walks. It got cold with snow. I got Mono. The walking stopped. Now I have a nice chunk chunk that needs to go bye-bye. Grumps told me that I should take the dog for a walk today. Yep, there's a hint.


I know my list isn't amazing. Nothing really thought provoking. I just want to have a good time this summer without regrets!

Side note! My cake for Mel's Cake Day is in the oven and smelling YUMMY!!! Those who know me well know exactly what cake I am baking! My cake post will come soon!


Chris said...

I'm glad you are back. I missed you! Your summer plans sound wonderful! When I was teaching full time my lists looked similar, except I usually had numerous home improvement projects included. My big project for this summer is to call the painter man to come paint my living room, dining room, family room and upstairs hallway. And let me know when you figure out how to read a book and surf the net at the same time. I would be much more productive that way. As it stands now I read when I'm at the gym and in the bathtub.

Inconceivable said...

rats - can't beleive i missed yur great tampa visit .. maybe next time

GLouise said...

Glad you are back! Love the summer plans...

niobe said...

Sounds like you have a great summer planned. If you do figure out how to drink beer, let me know.

d said...

Beer drinking is totally an acquired taste just like the red wine - so if you can master that one, you can master the beer. I'm actually to the point now where I like it and it goes great with certain things that wine does wings for instance.

And.....I PROMISE we will do a trip!! And I've only cancelled one trip - not trips! Don't make me sound worse than I am - though I do kinda suck at times - ha!!

serenity said...

Beer. Ok, your first beer needs to be Corona - with a wedge of lime. It's a lighter beer, and the lime gives it a nice fruity-ness.

Or wheat beers with lemon - Sam Adams Summer Ale with a wedge of lemon.

That'll help you... if you can cultivate a taste for whine, you SO can do it with beer. And there's nothing like sitting at a pool, with a Corona in your hand. Yum. :)

serenity said...

hehehe - whine.

(I've personally cultivated a taste for whining over the past 2.5 years!!!!)

LOL - that was an unintentional misspelling. :)

The Town Criers said...

Yeah--I second that one: hang out with D.C. Bloggers.

Summer goes so quickly. Ever summer, I'd have a grand plan in place. And then lesson plans would eat up all of my time. And then I'd go back into school still stressed.

Do not let this happen to you!

snapshots said...

Okay. Goal for our weekend away: learn to drink beer. Think we can do it?