Saturday, September 10, 2005

In the middle

Here I am starting a blog about my journey in this trying to concieve process right dab in the middle. You know it would have been a lot smarter to start at the beginning but who plans for it to take this long. I thought I would be Mrs. Fertile Mertil. My husband and I thought that it would happen with a snap of our fingers. We were always so careful and had planned it out to that 'perfect timing' never thinking that it could take forever. Everyone around us got pregnant when they wanted to. Atleast that is what we thought. We thought we had it all planned.

Now here we are 2 1/2 years later and still no little one to hold. We are in the middle of this journey. Not at the beginning, where the story would make more sense. Not at the end where we would love to be. But in the middle!

This is my journey. There will be times where I will go back and share where it all began. The first year of still holding on and thinking we were there every month. The second year where hope was almost lost. And now... playing the waiting game. I hope somewhere in all of this I can give others hope and help. I can answer questions. But most of all, I can share what I have learned about me!


Gamecock Girl said...

Sunny, I hope that this blog is a way for you to not only express yourself, but that it helps those who are going through the exact same thing. Such as me! You are such a strong positive person, and you bring inspiration to me. Thanks for sharing your story! Love and hugs to you my friend.

Sunny said...

Thank you Kristi! I just want people to know that they aren't the only ones that are going through this! You know that you ROCK too!!!

Cristina said...

I have never used Blog before, so I hope I am doing this right...

Your story is so powerful...I wish you nothing but the best and will pray for your story to end with your much deserved Miracle Baby...keep talking it out, never stop and never let go of Hope..even if its hanging by a mere string, never ever give up Hope.

Love, Strength and Prayers,
5 years IF and loss
Mom to 3 beautiful miracles

Sunny said...

Cristina you are awesome! Thank you for your prayers. I just want others to know that they aren't alone! It looks like you have been blessed with your miracles. God is good! Thank you again and I hope you keep stopping by!