Friday, March 17, 2006


When I got first met Grumps he had never been around children before in his life. He was so uncomfortable with them. I, on the other hand, LOVED kids. I knew that kids were my life.

Now that many years have passed Grumps has totally changed.

Tonight we babysat Little Bit, K's son. He actually is spending the night with us. Grumps turned into Super Dad. He fixed dinner, hot dogs and macci cheese. It was the best dinner ever.

The best part was watching Grumps teach him how to play hockey and shout, SCORE! They were so cute. Little bit would fall into Grumps lap and then they both would laugh and hug. MAN, that makes me desire to have children even more.

Grumps is going to be an amazing dad.

He is so wise and full of the desire to learn. He wants to impart that onto our children. Grumps plays hard. He loves to have a good time. He is the biggest kid! His heart is sensitive and caring. I want my children to learn from him. I want Grumps to be able to be a dad and to help me mold them.

I am amazed at Grumps tonight.


southern peach said...

What a sweet post! Your love for him really shows through your words :) I agree that he does sound like he would be an amazing father. I pray that soon that will be a reality Sunny :) Hang in there!

snapshots said...

I can just see him playing with with "Little Bit". So sweet. How precious it will be to see him with your miracle.