Saturday, March 18, 2006


Have you been watching Related on WB?

It started out as a cute sister show. Now it is more of a drama. The oldest sister is going through a miscarriage. It is affecting her entire life, especially her marriage. I have never been through that but do know what hurt and longing feel like.

This week she found a dog on the sidewalk. Of course the dog had an owner. It was a foofoo dog. When the owners came to take it, she tried to trade furniture for it. She didn't want to lose anything else.

In the end her husband bought her a dog for her birthay. All that being said, I just love my dog. I know how she feels. Having an animal has taken a little bit of the void. Itsy keeps me busy. She gives me love. She is still not my miracle baby but it SOOOO helps.

The show does make you sad if you are going through infertility BUT it is nice to see characters on tv dealing with real life issues.


Jennie said...

I havn't seen the show but I do know the feeling of not giving up anything else, I love my poocheroonies and as our bank account can attest we'll do anything and spend any amount to keep them with us for a bit longer. they may not be human but they give good love, more itsy stories more itsy stories!

Sunny said...

I will have to think of some. But she sure makes my day. I came home today to kisses. LOVE THAT!

kell said...

i love that show. my classes are on monday nights so i miss it often but i did see one episode where she had stomach pains, i didnt realize she was losing the baby. i know how she feels. at my first miscarriage and almost another year of trying before the second one my husband bought my a dog. she is one of the loves of my life and really helped me through the next two miscarriages and even the news that i will never carry a baby on my own. pets are such a great thing to have during hardships. they love us no matter what and you cant help but smile when their tails wag :-)