Friday, March 31, 2006

Doing the Deed

Doing the deed hurts way too much! Boy, I need to have a few drinks in me for it to even consider it next time.

I think I need an ice pack now! I sure hope it was worth the pain.


snapshots said...

I'm so sorry! I will keep praying and praying that it gets easier each time. Less painful. I wish you could use KY.

Sunny said...

Yeah, me too. But I think I have an infection. LOVELY!

snapshots said...

LOVELY!! Dang it! Enough with the infections!! That's definitely a "shabacka" moment.

southern peach said...

Ahh...I somewhat remember doing the deed....*HUGE SIGH*
Hang in there! One day you will be rewarded with your little miracle :)

Sunny said...

Thanks girls. I just need to be drunk next time. :)