Wednesday, April 12, 2006

He Comes Next

Thanks to my dear friend Katie, I bought some good books the other day. These will not be going onto my stack of books listed on chickenhead.

You all know that sex hasn't been the best in a LONG time. Not only do the pressures of trying to conceive weigh heavily on both of us, for the past 3 years I have to add, but also the lovely drugs that have changed my body. The change feels so permanent. I know that it isn't but it sure has changed every fiber of me including our sex.

So sweet Katie sent me an email. Yes, I have many followers who don't comment, just email or tell me in person. She told me of these books that changed her life. She Comes First and He Comes Next by Ian Kerner, Ph.D.

I read the preface and the introduction. I am so into this book. He writes as if he is right there with you just sharing his heart. It is funny and yet serious. I know, I haven't read very far BUT he got me right away. I am reading, He Comes Next and I bought Grumps, She Comes First. We will see if he reads his. HE BETTER is all I have to say.

Not only did I buy those two books but two more. The other two are to be read after these. I won't even show Grumps because he would freak out on me. So you will have to come back for those on a later day.

If you need a little spark in your marriage go out and get these books. Or be like me and order them on



Gamecock Girl said...

Girl.....we're sisters separated at birth! I'll be making a purchase of those two books. I'm gonna try ebay though, ha!

Sunny said...

I found them pretty cheap on Amazon. :)

Beth said...

Not passing go, not collecting $200 but heading straight to Amazon to check these out. Thanks!

Sunny said...

Beth, Let me know what you think! Of course Grumps tells me that he will read it when he has time.

Well, I will have sex when I have time. HA!