Monday, April 10, 2006


Sometimes I wish I was normal. I wish I didn't have issues. I wish I was like everyone else. I wish I didn't have to be treated differently.

I hate the looks that I get. I hate how people don't know what to say. I do feel sorry for them for being in their situation but man, I feel stupid because I put them there.

Now that everyone is getting pregnant and passing me up, even lapping me, it is even worse.

I know that they care. If they didn't care they wouldn't be sensitive. They wouldn't worry about me but trust me, it makes me feel awkward. It makes me feel like I don't fit in. The pity drives me crazy. It drips from their eyes and mouth. You can almost see it as it just oozes.

It is amazing how little things alter the normal life. How they alter a friendship or a circle of friends. It all just baffles me.



Beth said...

Oh, I am so with you on this one. I think the pity is the worst.

Jay said...

Yes, the pity is the worst.

As time has gone by I've realized there is no "normal' as everyone has a story to tell regardless of how bad or good their situation is.

Unfortunately, we have all become part of the new "normal". Somehow getting pg and staying pg isn't as easy as it used to be (or appeared to be)

Gamecock Girl said...

Normal is something that I don't even strive for anymore! What the heck is normal? You know where I'm coming from, so you're not alone in the fight girl.....

Sunny said...

Yeah I have no clue what normal is. I believe that even when I get my baby life won't be normal. I just want people to look at me normal now.