Wednesday, December 13, 2006

A Charlie Brown Christmas

You all know that I am not decorating this year. In fact I am fast forwarding Christmas as fast as my little remote will go. BUT my dearest friend D thought that I needed a little bit of Christmas. That this Christmas deserved a Charlie Brown Christmas.

When she gave me my little box with my tree in it I cried. It couldn't be a better tree for the way I feel this year.

Oh on a side note, how would you feel if your MIL wrote about your miscarriage in her Christmas newsletter? Yeah that is what I thought.


snapshots said...

Love that D got you a Charlie brown tree. So sweet.

I was shocked when I read that in your MIL's Christmas newsletter. Jaw dropped to the floor. Sooo sorry.

Sunny said...

I will live. I wouldn't mind it so much if she would have asked. Well I probably would have still minded. I guess she wanted me to know that my baby was thought about and needed to be mentioned. It was just a little much. Grumps didn't say a word as he read it. I guess hoping that I wouldn't see it. I should post it for all to read.

snapshots said...

I think you're probably right about her wanting you to know that the baby was not forgotten. Maybe she needed to share her loss too. I don't know. You should post it for all to read. teeheehee

LaDon said...

Geez. I guess she meant well. I'm sorry too. I would love to read the newsletter.

Amber said...

Oh Sunny MILs are so lovely... I hope all of your daughters grow up and look like grumps ;) Much love!

Sunny said...

Amber you made me laugh out loud. HAHAHAHHAA!

Ladon I will post parts of the newsletter tomorrow. I am still in shock that the world knows about my summer through my mil's newsletter.

Sunshine said...

Your MIL wrote about it in the newsletter. Excuse me while I pick my jaw up off the floor.
Wow. I get annoyed when my MIL talks about stuff to her hairstylist that I don't think she needs to share.
I guess on the positive side, she'll go really crazy telling everyone when you have a successful pregnancy, huh?