Thursday, December 14, 2006

Christmas Newsletters

We used to love sending out newsletters when we lived in the armpit of South America. Grumps would work long and hard and everyone would beg for more.

When we moved back to a normal life the letters slowly stopped. People would ask for them but we really didn't have anything to say but I always looked forward to getting letters and keeping up with people.

Last year I wrote our letter for the first time. Grumps takes weeks; I took 5 minutes. I just laid it all out there. I was tired of family and friends wondering why we put a picture of our dog on our card and not children. I said, "I found out that I have endometriosis. We have been trying to have children for a few years and are waiting for our little miracle. Blah blah blah." Grumps was happy that it was out there. It was never really brought up again.

This year we had plans to send a picture of us and my big belly to announce that we were having our miracle. OOPS to that thought! Now we are doing nothing.

Yesterday as you may have read we got my in law's Christmas letter. As I was reading I was SHOCKED to say the least at my little blurb.

"Grumps and Sunny blessed us with a visit this summer and we all spent a few days on Vancouver Island together, hiking and enjoying the beaches. We celebrated their news that Sunny was early in a pregnancy, but were saddened a few weeks later when the tiny life didn't survive. We continue to pray with them for a family."

She went on to talk about our jobs and her issues and whatever. I know that her intentions were for me to know that my baby was missed BUT I think that is a little private. I think it deserves to be asked if it could be written about. She asked if she could write something about Grumps' job. I am not one to get upset and speak my mind or be hurt. BUT I am just a little beside myself.

As for all the other letters, sorry to say that they were skimmed. I did keep all the address hoping that next year we have something to write about.

side note, driving home today I wished that everyone would lose power but me. I am tired of the lights and holly jolly crap!!!


Inglewood said...

wow, that would really upset me. It is so hard sometimes because our friends have the best intentions but sometimes can leave us stinging with hurt.

Hope you have some exciting news next Christmas.

Em said...

That's really personal stuff to put in a newsletter. I'm guessing if she'd asked permission you would have politely declined her offer to broadcast your pain to all and sundry?!

snapshots said...

Oh I still can't believe it!!

As for your wish for power loss. Made me laugh out loud because even though I have decorated my place for Christmas, the lights have only been on twice and I don't go in the living room, dining room area unless I have to because I don't want to see all the Christmas crap. So much for embracing the season even though I don't feel like it. So, here's to NO POWER for everyone except the two of us. (Seems that your wish came true for the west coast)

Ladon said...

Is she that free with other personal information?

I can see it in next year's newsletter, "All is well, but I just can't seem to get rid of this itch."

I am so sensitive. When people hurt my feelings it really hurts. I am learning to separate myself from the pain and carefully consider their motivations. Did they mean to do evil or good to me? Usually it is good. I feel better after I acknowledge that their bad choice was made without malice. I can forgive stupidity a lot easier than meanness.

GLouise said...

OMG- I cannot believe your MIL put that in HER Christmas newsletter! Talk about personal! you can't get much more personal than that!

I do confess that I started laughing once I got to your comments and read what Ladon said about the "itch." LOL. What other personal tidbits might the newsletter hold?! :-)

Sunny said...

Oh my MIL is really just amazing isn't she. :) I don't harbor any bad feelings towards her I am just still in shock.

Ladon I wondered the same thing. I wondered if Grumps had a prostate issue would she right about that or my FIL. I can just here her, "It has been a tough year for Father Grumps. He has experienced some prostate issues." HA!

I truly can only laugh and shake my head!