Monday, December 18, 2006


The word touchy was used in an email to me today. To me that word means they got their feelings hurt or were offended. I know that she didn't mean to use this word but she did and it left a bad taste in my mouth.

I emailed an email to all of my contacts. I thought I could sending out the email could help see who was dead or alive in the email world. In the midst of getting undelivered email messages I get an email from a 'friend'. I use that word loosely since I really don't know her.

She asks about us, the dog, work ....

I emailed back and said the usual, life is normal, dog is cute, work is good... How are you?

She replies dogs are good, life is normal, are you guys still trying to have kids?

Okay that is where things get difficult sometimes. I can just say Yes we are or I can say that we were and lost our baby to heaven blah blah blah I go with the latter.

She emails back saying, I am so sorry I brought up to such a touchy subject. Sorry!

Ummm it really isn't touchy. If I didn't want to share I wouldn't. I responded with, this is our life. We talk about it all the time. I even blog about it.
THEN she emails back again. By now I am thinking, just stop emailing me!!!

She says, Okay I know for next time.

That was that. I know for next time. What next time? What does she know? I wanted to scream, you are a loser. Truly a loser. Grow up and deal with bad things. She didn't even say, I am so sorry you had to go through this blah blah stuff. Nope just touchy crap.

Can you tell that Aunt Flow showed up for the holidays? Nice! I think I will find a way to use the word touchy every day this week!


snapshots said...

Bollocks to 'touchy'. Bollocks to A.F. Bollocks to the holidays! It's all BOLLOCKS! ;)

Amber said...

have a "touchy" glass of merlot for me :) People are dumber than rocks- they have no excuse! they are just stupid.... take comfort in their unabashed, ridiculously sheltered perception of life :) and don't forget the merlot ;)

ladon said...

She was the "touchy" one, not you. I guess she really isn't much of a friend if she feels uncomfortable hearing about your life. She should feel honored that you shared your pain with her.

Sunny said...

Thank you girls. I thought I was being overly sensitive. You made me feel better. She isn't a friend at all but come on. Just say you are sorry.

Beth said...

"I know for next time"?

Could she have possibly been more insensitive? When I was reading this I must have done a very audible sharp intake of breath, because my husband looked over at me and said, "Okay, who put their ass on as a hat?" Truly flabbergasted - I am so sorry that this friend was this insensitive to you and your reality.

Sunny said...

Beth I know. I was so shocked by her response. She really isn't a friend. In fact she drives me nuts when she starts calling or emailing. Maybe this will shut her up. But have some grace!

People will continue to amaze me.

St. Priscilla said...

I second what a PP said, "people are just stupid." That is what my husband tells me each time to remind me when a "friend" puts their foot into their mouth around me/us. They think they know the pain we experience but they have no clue. Hang in there! I'll pray for you.