Sunday, November 11, 2007

The Blogger Flame of Fortitude

I have been given the honor of the Blogger Flame of Fortitude by amazing Jenna! She, herself, deserves this award more than anyone I know. She has stood tall in the midst of heartache and has come out the other side even stronger. The other women she has honored are just as amazing. I am speechless to be side by side with these amazing women.

WOW what a love fest!!!

A few women came to mind when I was urged to pass this honor on. Ladies I know honor you for walking this journey with grace. You inspire me!

Debby, Nicole, Chris, Cathleen, Kell, Niobe, and Chrystie.

There are so many amazing women but the story of these ladies immediately came to mind. Pass this amazing award on!


niobe said...

Thank you. I am honored.

Jenna said...

Oh so fun! I'm glad to see these people linked from your post. It gives me a chance to find some new blogs to read. I'm happy you are passing on the love. I'm such a sappy wench about you ladies... thanks for participating.

Chrystie said...

Oh sweet Sunny. YOU are the one who inspires. On a daily basis. Sometimes I feel mental for dumping on you during those "bad moments", because you're going through SO MUCH yourself. But, true to form, you love on me and send me phone and cyber kisses. YOU ARE MY DREAM! I love you like stink and pray EVERY DAY that God will give you your miracle SOON.

JJ said...

Very well deserved Sunny--you are a source of strength and inspiration to many!