Tuesday, January 08, 2008

Headaches, Cycles, and Babies

I am posting early today from bed. Yep I took the day off. I have had a headache since Saturday. It comes and goes. It gets worse and then lightens up. I have taken the good pills and the normal ones. Not much is helping. I guess it is stress. I do this. I let it all build up, usually in my sleep, and then explode one day. I am now exploding. To help with the explosion, I am going for a massage. Something has to give.

I am on day 5 of this lovely cycle. Two clomid pills down. Hope is rising in a very slow weird way. Guarded is my middle name. Hopeful will be my first. I have to hope. I can't be numb forever. But I will stay guarded. On day 3 I brought my little white pill to bed with me at 9. I looked at it from a far. Flirting a little with my eyes. HA! Then I began to fondle my sweet pill. Working hard to get it out of its little protective package. Next I held it between my fingers saying little sweet nothings to it. "Please do a good job! Please help give us a baby!" Down that little white pill went. Saturday will be my affair with my needle!

I am helping my team give a baby shower on Friday. I don't do baby showers unless I just have to. I have to with this one. I tried to stay just as an adviser but it looks like I am now going to be walking down the isle of baby crap to fill up a basket of stuff. Whose idea? MINE! Just shoot me now.

On a good baby note, Debby is having a boy! Go give her some amazing love! I hope she posts about it soon. She has the most priceless u/s ever!


Meghan said...

Sorry you're still feeling sick. Those clomid headaches are just horrible. They laugh in the face of Tylenol.

Hope your love affair with the little white pill brings you good things. When is your u/s?

and ugg on the shower planning, so sorry you're stuck doing that

JJ said...

Damn headaches...wish I could tell you to pop a few Tylenol with some wine as a chaser ;)

Jen said...

I hate headaches. I always get them in the exact same place on my head. I can't get rid of them until I fall asleep.

I hope you feel better soon!

missm said...

The love affair with your meds totally made me smile. I love that! Ha! You are too cute.

Fertilize Me said...

UGH headaches YUCK! I had one yesterday that i think was stress induced as well. I think it is great that you talk to the pills. I think that is a fabulous idea.

You are a brave girl with the baby shower!

jill said...

I already have 2 middle names, so why not throw in a third? I'll be Jill Hopeful for YOU! :)

I hope the day off helped with the headache!

Debby said...

Flirt away, have some good foreplay and seal the deal with those pills of yours. :-) My first name is "Holding", middle name is "Your" and last name is "Hope".

As for the shower gift...I wish I was home. I'd do it all for you, wrap it up and give it to you for delivery. So sorry you have to walk those dreaded aisles my love.

Jen said...

Days off are good. I'm sorry you feel poorly but I hope the rest refreshed you both physically and mentally!

Lori said...

I'm so sorry I missed you on Sunday. Stupid headache!

Wishing you good things from this cycle, Sunny.

Wordgirl said...

Go Clomid Go!

Did I mention that during my clomid cycles my husband took to calling me Chloe?

Thinking of you and that little pill,


Monica said...

I hope the pill works its magic too. I still can't go to a baby shower.

deanna said...

You poor thing! How awful that headache has been hanging around this long! I hope you're feeling more like yourself by now.

Congrats on kicking up the Clomid! Sending all good wishes your way!