Thursday, January 12, 2006

A Good Mood

Today should have been a bad day.

*I stayed up too late and was super tired.
*There was major fog driving to work.
*The fog caused drivers to be super stupid.
*The day turned out beautiful causing my class to be wild and crazier than normal.

But I was in such a good mood. I was in such a daze on my way to work. My brain was filled with the music from my iPod. Then it moved to my little rows of hormones. I have 3 rows left. Then I got excited. Only 3 more weeks.

I started planning my No More Lupron Party. I had the kareoke, drinks, fondu and added food, pjs and just real fun. I thought about party favors and just couldn't stop getting excited.

I am going to start looking for some good sexy things to spice up the ttc. We have been living in the Forsaken Land for so long.

I got to school with a skip in my step, a smile on my face, and Jennifer Love Hewitt's Barenaked song coming from my lips.

I have a lot to smile about!


snapshots said...

God is good!! So glad you had a great day!!

Jennie said...

woohoo you! nothing compares to that good mood vibe that just keeps growing. those 3 rows will be gone in no time :o)

Sunny said...

Thank you Jennie. I get so excited taking one every night.

Iris God is VERY good!