Monday, January 30, 2006

Fortune Cookie

Today was a work day so I actually got to go out to eat. Chinese buffet was on everyone's mind.

At the end of the really good lunch we get the check plus our fortune cookies.

I am not a fortune believer but I always read mine. Today's was so me, except that I lost it. So here is the revised version:

You will get your dream that have wished for soon!~

It sure put a HUGE smile on my face and everyone elses at the table!


Beth said...

I sure do hope you reach that dream!

southern peach said...

AWWWW! Very cool! I hope and pray that it will happen VERY soon, Sunny :)

Sheryl said...

GREAT fortune!! It'll come Sunny... the fotune said so! :)

Larisa said...

Awesome fortune! I hope its true!

Jennie said...

if ever there were a fortune cookie I wanted to come true it's that one :)

Sunny said...

I know me too. :)