Saturday, February 04, 2006

The Joys of Trying to Conceive

I am sure you all have been here during this part of the journey, being lied to in order to save your feelings.

Grumps just informed me that one of our friends is pregnant. Her husband called to let us know so that when we see her tomorrow at their Superbowl party we won't be shocked. That's right she is showing because she is over 20 weeks.

Ummm as I did some counting that would mean that when we were there for Thanksgiving she was pregnant. That would explain the reason she wasn't drinking. She told me it was because of some meds she was on. They made her feel bad when she drank. Hmmmm I thought that was suspicious but I gave her the benefit of the doubt.

Lovely LIES! I would rather just have someone tell me to my face that they are pregnant. I am sure it is hard for them to get those words out knowing where Grumps and I have been and are but lying isn't going to help. Being pregnant isn't like a cold. I doesn't go away.

So guess what I did when Grumps told me that she was pregnant and we were going over to their house super early for the game? Yep that is right, cried like a baby. Grumps was a little tipsy from drinks that I had been making him. He thought the whole thing was funny. Man, it just made it worse for me. He thought I was pathetic.

I didn't want to go to their house to begin with. It will be 8 guys including Grumps and me and the wife with her 2 kids. She is a stay at home mom, which I think is amazing but we only have tv in common. Now we get to talk about her being pregnant and how I am not . I also get to play with 2 kids. My whole Sunday is going to suck.

You like my nice attitude? Grumps solution was for me to just not go. How do you not go after you said that you would? He said that I can just 'get sick'. Not sure how that will work either. I guess I can start praying for the pukes or the cold that I have been wanting all year to hit me tonight.


On a side note, my party was super fun last night. Drinks, food and karaoke was a blast. Now the pressure is on to reproduce. I had told Grumps that we would have some fun tonight. I think I killed that desire for both of us when I started crying and Grumps just kept walking away.

Can I say it again? I HATE THIS!!!


Larisa said...

I hate it too. It all sucks.

Glad the party was fun!

Sunny said...

Thank you Larisa. I am glad there is someone who understands!