Tuesday, February 14, 2006

Snow Angels

It snowed on Monday. I love it when it snows. I love the fact that I have no school when it snows. I love watching it fall and the peace that it blankets over the earth. I love watching Itsy's fascination. I love hearing the kids play in the snow. The screams and yells.

But... when I do hear those kid noise, my heart hurts.

I love to play in the snow myself. I never had it growing up so I turn into a HUGE kid. But with Grump's job, he isn't always home. I have been told to go out and play alone.

First of all, only weirdos play alone in the snow, even kids. :)

Secondly, even when Grumps plays with me in the snow, we still look weird.

I told Grumps as we were throwing each other around in it the other day how I so would love to have a kid to play in the snow with. We would have so much fun. Grumps and I are just kids at heart. We make snowmen, angels, and snowball fights. We play and laugh and get cold and wet.

One day, my little one will make angels with me in the snow.


snapshots said...

Got me boo-hoo-ing. Hugs and love ya.

Sunny said...

Thank you!!! xoxoxox back at you!

Jay said...

Such a sweet post. (((hug)))

Jennie said...

I've never seen snow or been to play in it but that angel looks gorjwa! one day you will play and make snowmen with a little one and gang up on Grumps.. hang in there lovely this ride will end *smooh*

Sunny said...

You have never seen snow? Oh man you so need to! Thank you! HUGS!

thalia said...

Hi Sunny, just found your blog from jennie's. You and me both with the endo, I'm just about to go on three months of the menopause treatment (we think) so it's been helpful to me to read through your archives, thank you.

Sunny said...

I am glad you found me. You can read through and ask me any questions anytime. The treatment wasn't all that bad. When I get my baby it will for sure be worth it.

I will have to drop by your blog. Come again!!!

HUGS to the endo. It sucks!