Friday, February 10, 2006

The News

How do you take the news?

*Hide in the work bathroom and cry your eyes out.

*Get the email and scream at your computer then cry your eyes out.

*Drink until you can't drink anymore. At least you can still drink!

*Call a friend to cry with.

*Go out on the town and try to forget your worries.

*Celebrate with your friend then feel sorry for yourself afterwards.

*Just become numb to it all.

Of course I have been in each of those situations. Now that it has been a while, I find myself taking the news better each time besides last week. That just doesn't count.

How do you take the news or have taken the news? The more dramatic the better.


Beth said...

I typically throw a really bad temper tantrum then I hit the shiraz.

Sunny said...

:) Yeah I should have had some wine tonight. I will save it for tomorrow night when I will be in the presense of preggers.

Jennie said...

the news.. ugh.. usually I have fair warning of what it will be so my corner of hormonal angst is ready and waiting for me so I just retreat to the beanbag of doom, sulk for awhile kick out accidentally on purpose at anyone walking past me and then when I'm over being that little ray of sunshine, I have a glass of red and plot out how to make it to Plan B sanity intact.

Sunny said...

I like your plan!!!

It looks like we all have a nice glass of something. :)