Monday, February 13, 2006

They're Back!!!

For some reason this title sounds familiar. I think I have used it before.

The hot flashes are back! They are double but they are back. Grumps said, "I thought that they were gone forever."

He also said, "When are you going to be fertile again?"

When was I ever fertile? I think he meant, "When will you be ovulating?" I didn't correct him. I just showed him my chart.

The questions are coming out of everyone's mouth.

When can you start trying?

What is your next course of action?




What does the doctor say?

When do you go to the doctor again?

When will you get a cycle?

I am loved. I truly know that I am. That is why everyone asks all the questions. But the truth is, I have no answers. I am in the lovely wait again! This time it seems harder than the last wait.

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