Sunday, February 19, 2006

March of the Penguins

For Valentine's Grumps and I got take-out and watched movies by the fire.

I love just having down time. We don't do it often enough together.

One of the movies we watched was March of the Penguins. As I watched it I was mesmerized. It was just precious.

But it was so hard to watch. I decided that if you have infertility issues DON'T watch it.

Penguins died. Eggs were lost, cracked, and left to tousle about. Mom's worked hard. Dad's worked even harder. Then the babies came. It just broke my heart. The music was perfect and so was Morgan Freeman's voice.

But the heartache is there. I have decided that it is always there. Almost every commercial or tv show. The heart of many songs. The relationships that we have. The work place. Heartache thrives in all areas of my life. I have an empty place.

I want my own penguin. So silly but I do!

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