Friday, December 09, 2005

Femhrt: My hormones

Last night I had to open my second pack of hormones. I have two more packs to go.

As I was opening my new pack I saw the side effect sheet. Of course I opened it and looked. Yes, I know that it just causes you to become a Hypochondriac. But I couldn't resist.

I have found out why I am fat. HA! Water gain! The hormones cause sever water gain. I know, I am not eating all that healthy and I for sure am not exercising. I can at least let my self feel better with the water gain option.


Jay said...

Hormones can do evil and wicked things to ones body. Just think, every day you're getting closer. (((hug)))

Sunny said...

:) I know!!! Thanks super much for checking on me!

snapshots said...

...reading those papers sometimes makes things worse...but sometimes it helps make sense of the water gain. When I get sick of my side-effects from my meds I just keep reminding myself that they are better than the other alternative.

Sunny said...

For sure!