Friday, December 30, 2005


For Christmas we went to my parents. We also went to church on Christmas Eve and Day.

God was there. He spoke to me.

The pastor spoke about how we needed to give God the one thing that consumed us this past year. I am sure there were many people who had to really do some deep thinking. For me it was so easy. There was no need to do any deep thinking and examining. No baby, trying to make a baby, no baby, being consumed by drugs, no baby! That is what I had to give to God.

Yes, I have done it a million times. I have begged God to take my burden. I have begged God to just hold me tight and keep me still. But I needed to give over my fears.

As I prayed and thanked God tears filled me. My vision was cleared. Perfect Clarity was there. I could feel God do what I had askeds, hold me close and tight.

I am sure I will beg God again. I am sure I will have overwhelming days. But I have to continue thanking God for His Perfect Clarity!

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