Saturday, October 13, 2007

Open Enrollment


I love being in my 30's but right now in my life I think 20's might be better.

I am at the age where either everyone already has children or they are just beginning to try. There was a time where I was surrounded by newly married couples who didn't even think about children in the near future. Now I am surrounded by couples with children, preggos or those trying.

I am beginning to think we are the only couple in our circle of friends left being childless. I love my friends. They are SO good to me but I think I need to make it open season for new friend applicants. HA! For my real life friends, they know I joke about having too many friends. Too many to the point I joked about not taking applicants.

We are going out with friends today to a winery. I was so excited about it until Grumps told me his friend's wife might not drink because they are trying. She might even be pregnant. I swear to God I am surrounded!

If you are childless and would like to make new friends it is open season and I am taking applicants!

Oh it looks like we might be able to switch insurances this month after all. Fingers crossed! Hoping for December IUI!

We had a great time yesterday. She isn't pregnant. She drank just as much as I did. The 4 of us went through 4 bottles of wine. I am not sure how long she has been trying but I can tell she is disappointed that it hasn't happened yet. Thank God for a good day out.


LJ said...

I hope you guys were able to have an okay time at the winery...and my fingers are crossed for a December IUI for you!

lub said...

I know what you mean about needing new friends... I sometimes wonder what it would be like to move away to some remote location where no one knows how old we are, how long we've been married, and that we are suffering with infertility. I guess everyone everywhere would eventually ask when we were going to have kids. I hope your insurance pull through- that'd be fantastic!

Kristen said...

I'm so glad you had some fun at the winery! And also that it wasn't tainted by having yet another preggo around to remind you of what you don't have.

I've got my fingers crossed for that holiday IUI! XOXO

Meghan said...

Glad you guys had fun at the winery!

In Search of Morning Sickness said...

I'm glad you had fun and that you could enjoy the winery w/ a non-pregnant friend! It's so important to actually be able to have those friendships. Mine are fewer these days too.

It's good to hear about the Dec IUI... I know waiting in insurance can be a big pain!

Chris said...

Oh the winery sounds like so much fun, and I'm glad you were able to experience it without a preggy pal in the midst.

Dreamer4agift said...

Glad to know the winery went better than expected.

If you still want some applicants for friends, I'll fill one out!:) I'm great to vent to and I never judge:)

If you need a break from reality, go check out my entry on "he rocked my socks out of reality."

Have a great week!

Corn Child said...

Just wanted to let you know that a stranger who is also in your shoes is still thinking of you. I posted a long while back on here, so you probably don't remember me, but you're on my favorites and I visit your blog often. I'm hoping all the best things for you and your hubby in December!

dmarie said...

So glad you had a good day :)

Cynthia said...


I'm so glad you had a break from infertility. It's those little moments that we all need during this chaos.

I would love to be your new virtual friend! I'm 33, suffering from IF for a little over 5 years, I'm 5'7", 125, I sound like I'm answering a singles ad:-)
I wished I knew more women in this community, though. I'm way down in the south (LA), so I haven't gotten to meet anyone. Do you know of anyone in this area?

JJ said...

WORD=) Glad for a good day out and yummy bottles of wine!

Melissa said...

Sounds like you had a great day.

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