Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Comfort Food, Krispy Cream D's and HSGs

It all begins with Saturday having a me day. I am sick, a week and a half sick. Grumps had to work. I decided to just fill my day. I unpacked from the house stuff that went on. Cleaned from the grime and went to a movie by myself. Rarely am I home alone for a full day anymore. I find myself filling my world to the fullest. I guess I do this so I don't have to think about life as it is right now.

Saturday I started to get blah. I felt it hit in. It was like a warm blanket wrapping itself around me. That sounds inviting and all but you know when you got hot under your blanket and can't get out? That was me for sure. I was stuck. I wanted out. I began to struggle with it. Here is where the comfort food comes in. I just had to get out of the house. I wanted to see the new N. Sparks movie. Movies like that are perfect for going alone. I go to the movie too early. You can't sit at a movie that early by yourself. Off to the store I went. I hadn't planned to get food but when I passed the deli section and saw good friend chicken and mac cheese I couldn't say no. Guess where I ate it? HA! Right in my car at the movies. Teeheehee!!! I couldn't help laughing at myself.

Today I had to make the scary drive over the state line at EARLY morning time to have my 4th hsg. Yep 4! I was told by my doctor it shouldn't hurt since they are pros. I laughed. There was no way it wouldn't hurt, I was the pro at having them. The bright spot in the morning was the HOT sign lit up for donuts. The hsg... totally a piece of cake except for the assistant not knowing how to get the machine working while I was wide open with a view of my cervix for all to see waiting! The results... swollen left tube, scar tissue and block on the right. I am waiting to see if there is a new action plan from my doc.

If you made it to the end of my post then I give you a fire cracker. This was painful. HA! I just needed to let you know I was alive. Crazy but alive!


Meghan said...

Fried chicken, mac and cheese, donuts...yum. I think you definitely needed the comfort food the last few days. In fact, I'm surprised there are no other mentions of baked goods, ice cream, or wine ;)

And 4th HSG---so sorry

Curly said...

Sending lots of hugs, and maybe a raspberry to make you giggle. Love you.

Leah said...

You had me at HOT DONUTS.

I'm sorry about yet another damned HSG, they certainly suck.

Hope to see you soon. I miss you, my friend. xoxo

jill said...

Just wanted to comment that most normal human beings (read: non-teachers) have no idea why you're giving them explosives like fire crackers. :) And speaking of teaching, please tell me you gave yourself a pass for an easy afternoon at work today!!

Infertile Myrtle! said...

YUM! Hot donuts!

Sorry about the HSG...

Coming out of lurkerdom!

tracey said...

yeah - i'm with jill. i'm going to need a demo of the "firecracker" thingy at dinner tomorrow. >: ) looking forward to it. hope you have a blast at nkotb!

Wordgirl said...

Hi Sunny,

I am just delurking to say hi...I'm a sucker for all day under the blanket and comfort food -- sometimes this whole journey is just too too long.



Kim said...

I haven't popped over in a while :O(.

So I'm delurking to say GOOD FOR YOU! I bet a day for yourself was soo much fun.

And I'll be thinking some good thoughts for you.

Anonymous said...

been there. mashed potatoes was my staple. breathe in deeply. peace enters when you breathe.