Wednesday, August 15, 2007

Add Ons UPDATED!!!

With all my summer time I have been adding new things to my blog. If you read other IF blogs you might see some new add ons to their blogs as well.

Here we go!

First I have updated my blogs which I link to. There are many new blogs and many bloggers who have recently received BFPs! I challenge you to check out a new blog. There are many amazing blogs out there who deserve your support!

Lost and Found

Here is a wonderful place to stay connected with all the stirrup-queens out there! Announcements, new blogs, and anything else you need to know are posted here daily! Check it out!

Join the Traveling DVD

If you missed Jenna's amazing moment on Oprah last week, join the traveling dvd!

Also don't forget about my posts that hit home on my sidebar! I have found some amazing new posts floating around the blog world these days! Give them some love!

Finally I am playing around with an iTunes function. It is called, My iTunes Widget. It is located on my sidebar at the bottom. It lists my favorite groups and singers according to iTunes. It has taken me forever to get it to look the way it is supposed to. Yet I am not sure if it is working right. We shall see how long this new little add on lasts!


Jenna said...

Thanks for the link in your post, but HEY... what's a girl got to do to get on the blogroll?

Or did I miss it? I have been drinking a few Coors Lights today and I'm enjoying my Rocky Mountain High!

Jenna said...

Oops... never mind. I see it. HAW!

Monica said...

I'm jealous of your commitment to blogging. I think all the new features are awesome. First you accomplished so many of your summer goals, now you've gone and prettied up your blog. You are like a kick to my arse to do something. I guess I'll have to quit coming here, it makes me feel bad.

Girl, you know I'm kidding. I'd like to do the "posts that hit home" too.

Good luck enjoying these last few days of summer!

Chris said...

How talented you are! Love the itunes thing!

niobe said...

The iTunes widget is too cool. I've never, ever seen it before.

Dreamer4agift said...

Hi, got your link through Farah's blog, hope you don't mind. I am planning on joining the dvd tour also and can't wait to get it. I saw Jenna's stint on Oprah, and I teared up from hearing all the words those of us in IF-world have heard and had to deal with with a smile. BTW, I love the top of your page about God and your journey. Best of luck to you.