Saturday, August 11, 2007

My Summer Goals

I need to lighten the air around here. My last couple of posts are such downers. THANK YOU for the amazing encouraging words. I felt surrounded by love!

SO back to my summer goals.

My summer is almost over. I have 2 more weeks left before I head back to work. BLECH! I don't want to go back but I have no choice.

I feel really good about my summer and the goals I made. I actually accomplished all of them minus one.

* My first goal was to learn to drink beer! I think I have mastered this one. There are some beer I have to work hard to drink, Coors Light, piss water! Other beers are actually craved: Molson Canadian, Blue Moon, Miller Chill and the local brewery. I am feeling pretty proud of myself. HA!

* Clean out the closets. Grumps and I actually did it this week. He also got the urge to pull out all the furniture and clean the carpets. I was grumpy about it all until he started giving me beer. We also enjoyed a good laugh looking at old photos.

* Getting a tan at K's pool. MISSION ACCOMPLISHED!

* Little trips with friends. We have visited wineries (we have another trip planned for this Monday!), enjoyed the beach, happy hours, and much more. We still have some more pool time and a concert this week!

* Meet up with the DC bloggers! YEP and I had a blast! I am hoping I can make the next one.

* Read a couple of books. I have read 4 in fact!!! Two James Patterson, The Scandalous Summer of Sissy LeBlanc (WAY FUN!) and Drowning Ruth. They all were a good read!

I totally forgot. I read 5 books this summer. I started a Patricia Cornwell book 2 years ago. Yep, I just couldn't get into it. I finally finished it this summer. I amaze myself how I can still remember the beginning of the book.

* RELAXING totally was a number one priority.

My walks didn't happen. It just got too dang hot but I did start Weight Watchers.

How did your summer go?


Debby said...

you finally read "scandalous summer...." - hooray! I really loved that one - it's so wrong but so good!

and hooray for checking things off the list!

on my list - actually blog again. ha! i haven't posted in weeks. just can't think of any thoughts that make sense - oh well.

Fertilize Me said...

Sounds like a very productive summer!! and grat on joining weight watchers

Monica said...

Well since I taught summer school for five weeks, I had a short summer. I really didn't accomplish anything. I still haven't finished this Civil War book I've been trying to finish for months. Yikes, I completely wasted an entire month! You know, I think I'm just gonna steal your accomplishments if that's all right with you. Except for the tan one, I can't pull that off. It's way too hot (really too humid) to even go outside for even minutes. I'm surprised I don't have rickets! Oh, I am maintaining my pedicures well and next week I'm getting another pedi plus hi-lights.

Lori said...

Thanks for adding to my book queue.

Glad you're feeling better, and that your closets are organized!

The Town Criers said...

There's nothing better than cleaning out the closets and looking around a neat house. It doesn't make returning to school easier (sigh...setting the alarm clock again...), but it's still a nice accomplishment.

I'm glad you made relaxing your priority. It's important.

Reproductive Jeans said...

I love cleaning--its theraputic for me--did a lot of that this weekend!
I love to walk, but it has been SO hot!
LOVE James Pat.terson books--big fan!
Sorry your summer is almost over--I wish I still had a summer break--I need to switch jobs=)

Mandy said...

Its so great that you accomplished so many of your summer goals. I feel inspired to accomplish a few goals of my own this week!

Trish said...

My only goals for the summer were to get pregnant again & to read more.
I did manage to get pregnant again, so I think I'll set my goal for next summer NOW.. To GIVE BIRTH TO A HEALTHY BABY.. and see how that works.
Being off for a few weeks while I try to miscarry has left lots of time for reading, so I accomplished that, too.

Lean Mean Thirteen by Janet Evanovich
Twighlight & New Moon by Stephanie Meyer (going to start the 3rd book tonight)
The first Harry Potter Book. (Sorcerer's Stone)

Pamela Jeanne said...

Hey Sunny,
Sorry I missed your earlier posts -- was caught up in editing and am quite behind leaving comments. I'm very glad that you're feeling better as the previous posts showed much heartache.

On the lighter note in today's post, I am a big fan of Canadian beer having grown up across the Detroit River from Windsor. Molson Light Ice is killer -- all of the taste and then some with half the calories ;-)

Also will take note of your book recommendations. I'm ready for some new ones!

In Search of Morning Sickness said...

I like that you had goals for what to accomplish this summer, some of them sound really fun....

-Let's see, Husband & I have taken 3 beach trips together!
-I've been flying with him and LIKE it!
-Had 2 of my 4 sisters visit for a week each for mucho shopping/Starbucks time!
-Sewed living room curtains!
-Threw away stuff. :) Junk,clutter stuff.

I like this little recap!

Jenna said...

You know I almost surfed away from your blog when I read your reference to Coors Light being "piss water"... it breaks my heart to read such horrid and shameful words.

But I'm glad you enjoyed your vacation. I too am in full on denial mode of returning to work. I can't believe I can count my remaining days on one hand! UGHHH...