Tuesday, October 11, 2005

Funny Moments

What is your funniest moment you have experienced during your journey? I know that there aren't many but when one happens it makes you laugh out loud so hard! You want to share it with everyone but when you do, they smile but don't really get it.

Share that moment here!

I'll give you mine tomorrow!


laura said...

Well, I haven't shared this with anyone (and don't really plan to), but...

During my embryo transfer last week, I was lucky enought to get to take some valium just before the procedure. Of course, I said "It's not doing anything, I don't feel anything!". Yet, during the procedure, I couldn't stop giggling, giggling so much that I almost popped the speculum out. The doctor had to tell me to shut up. Nice.

Sunny said...

Laura that is way too funny! HA! Thank you for sharing. You put a huge smile on my face. Now I will have to share mine. :)