Saturday, October 15, 2005

Put a Smile on My Face

This moment just flashed through my mind as I pig out on dump cake! It made me smile!

I went to the doctor for my first Lupron shot. The doctor wanted to give the shot in my upper butt. As he was trying to find the right spot he tells me, "I sure wish you weren't so thin and had more meat back here to get a hold of." I got the biggest smile on my face! He couldn't have said anything else to make my day any better! I didn't have enough meat on my butt! HA!!!!

Now that my last shot is up and coming, I thought I would help out the doctor and add some more padding back there! Boy, I think I need some more dump cake!!!


Jay said...

LOL! Love the dr comment. Now I think all men should learn to speak like that. "Hon, your butt is so small, you really need to eat more" :D

Sunny said...

I thought so too!!! He was the best doctor ever!!! I could have just hugged him!