Tuesday, October 11, 2005

"Happy" Hours

During this journey I have had some rotten days! I mean ROTTEN! Low, low, low days. These days would be riggered by normal things, a song on the radio, a child's smile, a pregnant belly, a comment that meant to be helpful, that little dark voice that is inside my head: "you will never have a child". The list goes on and on. On these days I would hide somewhere and cry. I wouldn't let my tears go too long. I didn't want anyone to know how week I was. On those days I could always count on my friends.

I would start with an email, "Hey guys, is anyone up for a happy hour? I really need one." That is all I needed to say and they would drop everything to go be 'happy' with me. Very rarely did we talk about what was making me not so happy. We would drink good margaritas and eat catfish. I would talk about sex and other inappropriate things. We all would laugh! By the end of the night my load had been lifted!

I love my support group! My friends that drop their world to help pick up mine. These friends pray for me and remind me of my hope!

I thank God for those 'happy' hours and most of all the best group of friends anyone could have!

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