Saturday, October 15, 2005

Laughing Points: #1

It is funny how in a very 'not so fun' situation we can find humor. Maybe it is a way to cope. A way to deal with the awful moment. Maybe it is just truly funny. The funniest part being you shouldn't be laughing or you are the only one laughing, in your head. (I will stop the rambling and get to my laughable points)

Have you ever had a Post Coital test? Oh the joys of testing. My husband and I had done the due. I headed to the doc for that great momenting of checking out the love juice. I had to undress and just 'hang out' on the table till the doc arrived. The nurse was so excited because this was her first test of this kind. She was just all excited. HA! As I am sitting there where I sat kept getting wetter and wetter. I was so embarrassed. But it only got worse. It started to run down my leg. Great, the doc isn't even here yet! When he came into the room I just thought in my head, "how fun, he is now looking at my love juice not only in me but moving its way down me." (sorry for those faint at heart but this is a blog about infertility.)

The doctor was super impressed with my love juice. He even had a smile on his face. I had my arm across my face by this time. I am almost positive that I was blushing.

It was time for me to get dressed. When I got up from the table, there it was, that dreaded wet spot. It was HUGE! I couldn't just leave it there for all the world to see. So I balled up the paper and rushed out of the room.

Now I know that wasn't hilarious but it sure was funny in my head!


Jay said...

Oh my gosh. I'm blushing FOR you. LOL
Love the fact your bloggin about this all Sunny.

Sunny said...

I am glad I didn't offend you. :)I wasn't sure if I should be so open. But it is me. I have a potty mouth only about potty things. :)