Monday, October 24, 2005

Who Needs Sleep? #2

Today I was talking to an older lady that I work with. I told her how I didn't sleep well last night. I told her that I assumed I would sleep since I did over the weekend but that I woke up often instead. She told me that my sleep or lack there of sounded like her nights. She said that she had reasons for her sleeplessness, OLD but I didn't. I said, "DRUGS."

She had forgotten and then had this look on her face. She said that knowing what it will be like when you are old will just make you want to not be old even more. Is that ever true. I can only hope that menopause is kinder on me than Lupron. Lupron SUCKS! But someone told me today to keep my eyes on the prize. A baby!


snapshots said...

That's right...eyes on the prize...(not that it helps you to get more sleep...but maybe focus a bit more...who knows...what do I know, right??) :(

Sunny said...

I LOVE YOU! Thank you for always commenting with your wisdom.