Saturday, October 15, 2005

Laughing Points: #2

After my Lap I was in the recovery. I was still super groggy. I could hear my doctor talking in my ear and the nurses around me trying to wake me up. I felt awful! I started to feel like I needed to go to the bathroom. I started murmuring about it to the nurse. Next thing you know, she has stuffed a small bedpan between my legs. I pushed and pushed and felt like I had made success. The nurse lets me know that there is nothing there but blood and shoves a pad between my legs this time.

Then I really began to wake up. I started to hurt. But guess where? Right down south. I then thought I would let everyone else know how bad I hurt. I shouted out "Man I feel like I just had sex with an elephant." The nurse just looks at me. Most people would have laughed. But she just stared. So I thought, maybe I should yell it out again. MAN, I FEEL LIKE I JUST HAD SEX WITH AN ELEPHANT!!!

I guess that comment let the nurse know that it was time for me to leave. When I got back to my mom and friends guess what I did again? I yelled about my elephant that I had slept with! The nurse was so embarrassed and told me that I needed to stop.

I had everyone laughing at this point! I began to giggle too!!!


Jay said...

LMAO!!! Oh my word, that's hilarious!!
Have to add my funny... Before my first d&c the anestesiologist (can't spell) came to talk to me regarding the drugs. He was unbelievabaly beautiful. Yes, even in my heartbreak I could see the beauty around me. LOL. anyway, I was making "bar-type" conversation with him as he's sedating me. You remain awake, but don't remember the procedure. I come to later, thank everyone that I'm wheeled by and remain happy. The nurses asked the dr what the heck they gave me for a sedative. He told them and said that it almost always makes the patient horny. I don't know if I'm happy or dissapointed that I don't remember what I said. LOL

Sunny said...

I LOVE IT!!! I so wish I could have heard you. I wonder what you said? "you are so hot! Can I jump your bones right here and right now?" What a great story!!! Thank you for sharing! I have the biggest smile on my face thinking of this HOT doc! (mine is short, fat, red beard that isn't well groomed. NOT hot. I was disappointed when I met him. I have a fantasy having a hot OB. Nothing R rated just PG-13)

Jay said...

So funny you say that. I had an OB at the hospital that was stunning and VERY young. LOL He asked if he could do an internal and I told him NO WAY! LOL I couldn't have someone so beautiful and yet "doogie howser'ish" inspect areas that he just shouldn't.