Wednesday, November 23, 2005

Another Fun Moment

Just in case I had all of you worried, I am not rotting on the inside! I have a lovely bacteria infection thingy. How do I know that?

I called my doctor, well actually the nurse. They actually called me back in no time and wanted to push me in for an appointment. THAT NEVER happens. Remember the phone tag and the week of wait? I was shocked and for sure wanted to get in. But I wasn't prepared.

You may ask, "Prepared for what?" That is what the nurse said to me.

Prepared for my lovely hoohoo exam.

Thank God I actually shaved today or I would look more monkey than human. As for my lovelies, they weren't ready. Neither was my mind.

When you know you are going to get looked at you do some mind preparation. You psych yourself up for it all. I didn't have that option. So during my exam I kept talking and tried not to picture what was going on. I tried to push it all away.

I just love the fun little moments I get to experience in this journey!

1 comment:

snapshots said...

Oh that picture just makes me CRINGE!! I have a hooch appointment on December 19th. I am needing mental preparation already.